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Earth Hour 2022: ‘For us and Future Generations….’ – 202/2022

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Earth Hour 2022: ‘For us and Future Generations….’

In 2022, Earth Hour falls on Saturday 26th of March at 8.30 pm.

This year the campaign is seeking to inspire more positive futures given the difficult months and challenging news stories hitting the headlines. The campaign seeks to encourage people to have hope and engage in shaping their futures.

His Worship the Mayor, Christian Santos GMD and the Commissioner Prof Daniella Tilbury are leading this year’s WWF Earth Hour campaign. The two Offices have collaborated over the past four years to promote local engagement in this global movement.

Gibraltar’s campaign is calling for brief videoclips that capture the past, present and future of a space, place, team or organisation. The clips, recorded via mobile phone, will document how these have changed and capture visions for 2030. The clips end with:

‘Everyone has the power to shape our future….for us and future generations…’

All videoclips should be between 60-90 secs and can be played between the 24-26th March on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  

The Moorish Castle and North Face lights will be switched off. Last year, the Europa Point Stadium lights were switched off during the international boxing match. This year, lights will also be switched off during the interval of Drama Festival Gala Night to coincide with Earth Hour.

Prof Daniella Tilbury, formed part of the WWF Australia Board and team that had created Earth Hour in Sydney in 2007. Since then, Earth Hour has become the world’s largest grassroots effort for the environment, engaging millions of people in more than 190 countries and territories.

The Mayor’s video was launched on 23rd March and asked the Gibraltar community to join us in focusing minds and actions on a more positive future.

To watch last year’s contributions please visit https://www.futuregenerations.gi. A selection of submissions formed part of an exhibition hosted by Gibraltar Cultural Services in May 2021.

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For more information, please contact mayor@gibraltar.gov.gi or tel 200 47592