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DSS office move delayed but underway – 268/2022

By April 13, 2022 No Comments

DSS office move delayed but underway HM Government of Gibraltar takes note of the GGCA’s Press Release of 11th April 2022 with respect to the Department of Social Security’s premises at Governor’s Parade.

The Government is already in the process of moving the whole of the department to new, fit-for-purpose offices having recognised the issues contained in the GGCA Press Release, but wishes to highlight elements of the Government’s actions in resolving the matter which have hitherto remained unreported.

HM Government of Gibraltar’s first commitment in this matter is to ensure the health and wellbeing of its staff at the DSS, followed by limiting any service disruption that might arise for those members of the community that need to avail themselves of the services provided by the department.

To this end, the Government had already agreed to limit access to the Governor’s Parade site with staff redeployed to alternative office spaces at the Royal Gibraltar Post Office and New Harbours.

The outstanding balance of staff not accommodated by either site are provisionally working from home. Additionally, the Government wishes to acknowledge the assistance rendered by the Housing Department which has provided access to their counters and boardroom for DSS staff to discharge their duties and obligations. The Government thanks both members of the Housing Department and the DSS for their efforts in this respect.

These actions are not definitive and further steps are being addressed to fully accommodate the DSS’ needs, including moving the files that staff have had to access until recently at the Governor’s Parade site, to New Harbours.

The ultimate resolution to this matter is unfortunately overdue as a result of logistical difficulties arising from the strike affecting truck transport in Spain which resulted in materials awaited for a move of the Housing Department, which is vacating offices to be used by the DSS.

For that reason, which is outside the control of the Government, the moves are delayed by a number of weeks. Once all the moves are finalized the DSS will finally be in the fit-for-purpose offices that its excellent staff deserve.

The Government apologises to the members of staff of the DSS and to those who rely on their services for these delays in the necessary moves of their offices. Unfortunately, the difficulties that have arisen are beyond the control of the Government.