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DSS announcement on Social Assistance – 34/2021

By January 17, 2022 No Comments

The Department would like to advise Persons in receipt of Social Assistance via Personal Cash Accounts, that they will be able to collect their payments on 20th January 2022 from the Royal Gibraltar Post Office at 104 Main Street, between 09:30 to 13:00

Please note that whilst our cashiers will be open our counters remain closed. Therefore, any queries should be directed to socialassistance@gibraltar.gov.gi or on telephone numbers 200 72721 / 200 48479 / 54072622

The Department would also like to inform the general public that due to health & safety concerns, it’s offices at 14 Governor’s Parade have been closed with immediate effect until further notice. Arrangements have been implemented for staff to work remotely and phone lines have been diverted to dedicated mobile numbers in order to minimise disruption to services. 

The Department apologises for any inconveniences or delays experienced in contacting our teams whilst these remedial contingency measures have been put in place.

If you need to contact the department, please do so on the following emails:

▪          socialassistance@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          disabilitybenefit@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          minimumincome@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          unemploymentbenefit@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          u1@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          maternitybenefit@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          injurybenefit@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          oldagepensions@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          overseaspensions@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          pensionsforecast@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          deathgrant@gibraltar.gov.gi

▪          dssaccounts@gibraltar.gov.gi

or via:

▪          Maternity Benefit, Maternity Grant, Unemployment & U1      – 54072730

▪          Social Assistance & Child Welfare Grant                              – 54072622

▪          Pensions, Survivors Benefits, Deathgrant                            – 54072618

▪          Minimum Income Guarantee & Overseas Pensions               – 54072616

▪          Disability Benefit & Injury Benefits                                      – 54072613


The Department may also be contacted via telephone on its usual numbers. However, whilst landlines have been diverted in order to enable us to operate remotely, these lines can get extremely busy and we would therefore like to kindly encourage queries to be directed via email.

The Government is already making arrangements to find more permanent alternative accommodation for the Department which it hopes to announce very shortly.