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Donation of iPads to Ocean Views – 565/2021

By July 27, 2021 No Comments

The Minister for Health would like to acknowledge and express gratitude for a donation of iPads to Ocean Views.

Immediately upon notification of Ocean Views going into lockdown last week, the GHA received a donation of 6 iPads with a view to supporting and assisting patients get in touch with their families.

Those who made the donation wish to remain anonymous.

Minister for Health Samantha Sacramento said: “It is remarkable how the Gibraltar community springs into action the moment that things get difficult and this generous donation was made immediately with a view to supporting the patients at Ocean Views. It was very difficult for the GHA management to stop visits to Oceans Views, obviously this measure was for everyone’s protection and these restrictions will not go on for a minute longer than absolutely necessary, but in the mean time these iPads will greatly benefit patients, now as well as beyond. I thank those who made this generous donation.