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Disability Equality and Customer Care Training delivered to Public Servants – 46/2022

By January 24, 2022 No Comments

The Ministry of Equality continues to deliver Disability Equality and Customer Care Training to Public Sector employees who are frontline workers and attend to the general public. The training highlights the different barriers faced by people with disabilities, both physically and when communicating and particularly what can be done to overcome or prevent these. The training offered is organised by the Ministry of Equality through the Human Resources Department.

This training forms part of the training prospectus offered by the Human Resources Department for the Civil Service and was introduced to Gibraltar six years ago by the Ministry of Equality, when they engaged the services of UK charity, Attitude is Everything in order to deliver this course locally in Gibraltar by officers from the Ministry of Equality. A total of four classes have been delivered this winter so far with further classes planned throughout the year. Public servants who have not yet undertaken this training and would like to do so should contact the Human Resources Department to register their interest.

The Minister for Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento, MP, said: “It is very important that the public sector service undertakes this training so that public servants are better equipped to assist people with disabilities and prevent any possible misunderstandings. It is also important that they familiarise themselves with the correct language etiquette in order to avoid using any words which can cause offense. It is very encouraging to see the take up for this training, as this shows that public servants are keen to improve their work standards and especially that they are eager to learn more on customer service and assisting all members of our community.”