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Developments in respect of Bulk Carrier OS 35 – 593/2022

By August 30, 2022 No Comments

The situation at present remains stable with the Bulk Carrier OS 35 currently beached on the Eastside, in an area approximately just over 200m off Catalan Bay. 

The bow of the vessel is already resting on the seabed in 17m of water, listing only by 3 degrees to starboard. 

The situation is constantly being assessed by the Port Authority.

By way of further information: 

(i) the vessel is carrying 24 crew, all of which are currently still on board, at the request of the Captain of the vessel.  Assets are available at the scene in order to evacuate the ship if necessary;

(ii) the ship is loaded with 183 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 250 tonnes of diesel and 27 tonnes of lube oil and was leaving Gibraltar to head to Vlissengen in the Netherlands;

(iii) the latest advice by the Captain of the Port is that there is little to no risk to human life for any of the crew on board;

(iv) the Gibraltar Pilot has disembarked safely from the OS 35;

(v) vessels from all agencies in Gibraltar with maritime assets are in attendance around the vessel in distress; and

(vi) tomorrow at first light a dive team will be deployed by the Gibraltar Port Authority  carrying out an underwater inspection.

The GPA are continuously reviewing the situation with a multi-agency operation currently underway, in the knowledge that high tide will come at 0530hrs and may require further action.

The Gibraltar Contingency Council has been convened and His Excellency the Governor, the Chief Minister and the Minister for the Port are being continuously briefed by the Caption of the Port at the Port Office on the latest situation regarding the collision at sea.

The Chief Minister has contacted the Leader of the Opposition to brief him on the latest developments.

A further update will be issued in the morning unless there are material developments to report.