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Department of Equality visits Primary Schools to mark International Men’s Day 2019 – 832/2019

By November 22, 2019 No Comments

The Department of Equality has during the course of last week delivered talks to a number of primary schools as part of their awareness campaign for International Men’s Day. Focus was given to gender stereotypes and how these stereotypes affect the way we think about men (and women) in our society.

These talks form part of a wider educational drive to ensure that future generations challenge gender stereotypes that can affect people in a negative way and is one of a number of initiatives announced by the Department of Equality on International Men’s Day this year.

Talks were delivered at St Mary’s, Governor’s Meadow and St Jospeh’s primary schools.  The talks will continue in other schools next week. 

Minister for Equality, the Hon. Samantha Sacramento, MP said, “Educational and awareness raising initiatives are the most fundamental tools in our strategy that will allow us to create a more diverse and open-minded society. Our perceptions and biases are formed by what we experience in our lifetime and especially during our formative years, it is for this reason that we work closely with the schools in partnership with the Department of Education to coordinate deliver such initiatives to children at an early age. By promoting positive attitudes and a more broad minded approach with our children, we will be helping to promote a more accepting and understanding society for Gibraltar’s future  My staff at the Ministry for Equality are very skilled and experienced in delivering these presentations effectively in an age appropriate manner and I am pleased to hear of the positive response to this initiative”