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DCM meets with Learner Ambassadors for Net Zero – 403/2023

By June 16, 2023 No Comments

Earlier today, the Deputy Chief Minister, met with representatives from Westside and Bayside who are Learner Ambassadors for Net Zero at No6 Convent Place. Minister for the Environment, John Cortes, and Energy Officer Catherine Walsh were also present at the meeting. The forum has been created as part of the Net Zero Delivery Body’s public engagement strategy.

The group of students were Kevagn Pereira, Lilly Mae Estella, Shanaya Nandwani, Erin Villa Quick, Aditya Dhanwani, Isabelle Ramos, Mikey Rugeroni and Abraham Greenburg. The intention is to incorporate representatives of other educational institutions into the group.

Students discussed their concerns about the environment, including their worries about climate change and what it might mean for their futures. They will be helping the Government to deliver better and more impactful messaging across social media platforms to raise awareness among young people about the dangers of climate change and ways in which we can all be part of the solution.

Minister for the Environment, John Cortes, said: “It is extremely encouraging as Minister for Environment and Education alike to see these Learner Ambassadors with so much passion and interest for Climate Change. Not only is it important to hear the views of young people, we must recognise the huge role they have to play if we are to achieve a Net Zero future”.

The Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Garcia, said: “It was a really good chance to speak to the students this morning and hear their concerns about the environment. We also discussed ways in which these students can be involved in helping the Government deliver messaging on Climate Change in an innovative way to have a wider outreach in our community. I was very impressed with the group and look forward to continuing our work with these inspiring Learner Ambassadors”.