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Cultural Awards – Public Voting

By September 2, 2020 No Comments

Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, is pleased to announce that the public voting for the 2020 Cultural Awards will commence on Friday 4th September 2020.

The telephone numbers have been facilitated with the support of Gibtelecom, with all monies raised donated to the GBC Open Day Fund. The public is encouraged to vote for their preferred nominees. These votes will then be considered by the Cultural Awards Board who are also part of the selection process.

The telephone numbers for public voting are as follows:

JUNIOR (Under 15’s)

  1. ADITYA DHANWANI 8640 – Gibraltar’s 2020 Young Musician of the Year, a GAMPA Parasol Foundation recipient, who provided piano recitals online during lockdown.
  2. ANGELIKA BOSCO 8641 – A keen writer, who won the Autumn Poetry Competition and one of the Covid Short Story Competitions run during lockdown.
  3. JAKE TORRES 8642 – This 8 year old wrote and illustrated a book on the Corona virus which sold over 1200 copies, Jake was also involved in a global book on the environment.
  4. NATHAN VILLALBA 8643 – Bronze medalist at the 2019 Dance World Cup in two categories. Recipient of the Best Male Dancer and Sussex awards at the 2020 Gibraltar International Dance Festival, and also a number of UK studio scholarships.

YOUTH (Under 25’s)

  1. AMY WINK 8644 – Silver medalist at the 2019 Dance World Cup in two solo categories, awarded three scholarships for performances at the event, and winner of the Best Female Dancer award at the 2020 Gibraltar International Dance Festival.
  2. CARMEN ANDERSON 8645 – Creator of an online blog during lockdown interviewing cultural professionals. Participated in two plays in the 2020 Drama Festival, also helping backstage in other productions.
  3. GIBRALTAR YOUTH SERVICE 8646 – The ‘Find Your Brave’ photographic project was delivered by the Gibraltar Youth Production Team, around 70 participants were involved in this creative exercise which raised awareness for mental health.

SENIOR (Over 25’s)

  1. BEATRICE GARCIA 8647 – Run an online art club and drawing sessions during lockdown. Exhibited in two solo exhibitions in the UK and received a commission to paint footballer Viv Anderson.
  2. GIBRALTAR POETRY ANTHOLOGY 8648 – A first for Gibraltar, featuring 30 works by ten local poets. Delivered by the independent Writers and Artists project and funded by the Equality Rights Group.
  3. MARIBEL MATTHEWS 8649 – This artist has exhibited both locally and abroad, raising awareness of climate change, and has been recognized with numerous awards in New York, Florence and Rome.


  1. BAYSIDE COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL 8650 – The Head teacher’s Portrait Exhibition paid tribute to the 10 head teachers in the school’s history. The collaboration saw artists painting the teacher who had served as Head when they were students, a project which has also served to highlight changes in schooling.
  2. GIBRALTAR YOUTH SERVICE 8651 – Find Your Brave ‘Self Portrait’ photography exhibition, a creative exercise that raised awareness of mental health. Aimed at building the skills and confidence of the young people involved, whilst recognising their individuality.
  3. JM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION 8652 – Led two projects, a cultural exchange with Morocco resulting in an art exhibition and a series of workshops with musicians and artists, and a metal sculpture exhibition at the GEMA Gallery by Spanish artist Victor Quintanilla.

The closing date for the public voting is Wednesday 30th September 2020. Calls cost 50p. Mobile surcharges apply. Please seek bill payer’s permission prior to calling.

The Awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at the Sunborn Hotel. For further information please contact GCS Cultural Development Unit on 20079750 or email: info@culture.gi.