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COVID-19 Vaccination offered to University Students returning to the UK – 116/2021

By February 2, 2021 No Comments

A number of university students have contacted the GHA to enquire about vaccination against the virus that causes Covid 19 before returning to university to continue their studies.

A dedicated on-line registration system has been created for these students to express interest in receiving the vaccine available online at  https://www.gha.gi/university-students-register-of-interest-form/

The Minister for Health and Care, the Hon Samantha Sacramento, said: “Most university students, with the exception of those undertaking a degree with a clinical placement component, are considered to be in a low risk category for COVID-19 because of their age and therefore in a low priority group for vaccination. Although many universities remain closed and are teaching purely on an on-line basis, we are aware that some students will be required to travel to the UK or elsewhere in the near future to continue their studies. For these students we want to try to fully vaccinate them before they leave Gibraltar if possible. This strategy will protect the students, but more importantly will help protect older relatives in Gibraltar against COVID-19 when the students return home in the coming months. We would therefore like to invite any students with confirmation that they will be travelling abroad to university to register on-line using the link above so that the GHA can contact this group for vaccination.