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COVID 19 kills warns the Government – 522/2020

By August 7, 2020 No Comments

The Government has today launched a hard-hitting campaign designed to drive home the importance of being cautious given the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. While this message is relevant to everyone, it is targeted particularly at young people, given the number of parties and gatherings taking place at this time of the year.

There is a direct connection between partying and socialising, particularly in Spain, and the number of confirmed cases in Gibraltar. Indeed, of the three new cases reported today, taking the total to nine, two more involve people who recently socialised on the Costa del Sol.

The blunt message from the Government is that COVID-19 kills. It calls on all residents of Gibraltar, particularly teenagers and young people, not to expose themselves or their loved ones.

“The virus is being spread at parties, barbecues, family gatherings and especially in nightclubs,” says the message. It urges that when “socialising, particularly in Spain, take extra care. It is more important than ever to obey the law and stick to the rules. The virus has not gone away.”

The blunt message that COVID can kill, and variations of this message will be used in the print media in Gibraltar as from Monday and on all the Government’s social media platforms as from today.