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Cooperation yes – joint sovereignty no says Government  – 480/2022

By July 8, 2022 No Comments

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar notes positive statements by the President of the Junta de Andalucia on cooperation.  The President made the comments in the context of the political changes happening in the United Kingdom. The Government of Gibraltar welcomes positive mutual  cooperation with Spain and with the region of Andalucía next door, with no strings attached.

However, this Government, as a matter of policy, and Gibraltar as a whole will not entertain shared or joint sovereignty in any form. It will be recalled that in 2002 that very principle was put to the people of Gibraltar in a referendum and this was  decisively and overwhelmingly rejected. That situation has not changed and it will not change and the British sovereignty of Gibraltar will not change or be shared.  

There is nonetheless still scope, between the obvious differences on sovereignty, to be able to work together on practical issues to improve the lives of citizens on both sides of the border, all the more so following the U.K. and Gibraltar’s departure from the EU. So cooperation yes, joint sovereignty no!  The two do not need to mix!