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Complete Refurbishment of Bishop Canilla House – 725/2019

By October 7, 2019 No Comments

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar is delighted to announce that the much awaited refurbishment works to Bishop Canilla House are now complete.

Bishop Canilla House was originally completed in August 2000 but from the outset caused tenants to suffer from rainwater penetration problems and resulting damp due to the initial defective and substandard construction.

One of the major problems was also the open balconies and after considering all the options, the only solution was for them to be enclosed

This administration embarked on an ambitious programme of major refurbishment to this building to prevent it from falling into further disrepair.

The vast improvements to Bishop Canilla House include:     

  • the installation of external wall insulation system
  • the replacement of all roof coverings and glass atrium
  • improvements to the accessibility of the building
  • the replacement of all windows with double-glazing and roller blinds
  • the enclosure of all balconies with provision for tenants to install air conditioning units
  • the redecoration of all common areas, including the replacement of the floor tiles
  • the installation of a sun pergola at the rear patio area

To enhance accessibility, a passenger lift at Bishop Canilla has been upgraded to a stretcher lift. Since 2018, this new stretcher lift has greatly assisted medical staff during medical emergencies.

The building has been totally transformed aesthetically.  The works carried out to the block have raised the building to the same standard as the purpose-built accommodation for the elderly at Charles Bruzon House and Sea Master Lodge.

Minister for Housing Samantha Sacramento said:  “I am so pleased that this major refurbishment is now complete.  The works have been completed to a very high standard and all residents are extremely happy with the final outcome.  Regrettably, these works became more complicated than initially envisaged because unforeseen complications arose during the process, especially when the roof was replaced, and this caused some delay, but it was better that the job was finished properly even though it may have taken that little bit longer.

“It has all been worth it in the end and these works will not only improve the building from an appearance perspective, but will also remedy the longstanding rainwater ingress problems, particularly through the poorly designed and constructed balcony floors and the substandard external blockwork construction. These works will protect the building from the weather elements in the future and our elderly residents will take the benefit of this improvement.”