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Chief Secretary Notes GGCA Statement – 758/2019

By October 24, 2019 No Comments

The Chief Secretary notes the position of the GGCA.
Mr Grech said: “I have made specifically clear in our press release that, and I quote, in ‘delivering this programme we will be working closely with the unions that represent public sector workers to ensure that we bring out the very best in our service. This is just the beginning’. I don’t see that there can therefore be any suggestion that we are not going to consult the unions when we have specially, in our original statement, especially stated that we will. I hope that this programme of reform will be something on which we can work well with the unions, as there will be as much benefit for public servants here as there will be for the public. We have received a warm and cooperative response from many individuals and representatives in the public sector and I am sure we will be able to progress matters in a collaborative manner going forward.”