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Chief Minister calls for support for police and convenes GCC – 847/2021

By November 13, 2021 No Comments

Reacting to the incidence of violence in the area of Waterport this afternoon, the Chief Minister said:

“The images of violence today on our streets are unacceptable.

I will be convening a meeting of the Gibraltar Contingency Council to seek assurances about ensuring the safety & security of our streets & our people.

A small group of thugs won’t change the character of our community.

The people allegedly involved are already under arrest by the Royal Gibraltar Police.

To stop these incidents we must support the Police.

If you have evidence please help now by assisting with inquiries.

Measures will also be put in place to stop the repeat of this sort of activity in the areas in question where such incidents persist.

The Rule of Law is often challenged.

Our role is to ensure it is never defeated.

Our Police have acted immediately and decisively and will no doubt continue to do so.

Now the courts will need to consider the evidence and be firm and clear in sentencing anyone convicted to send the message that this type of animalistic behaviour will not be tolerated in our community“.