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Changes to reporting of COVID-19 statistics – 250/2022

By April 7, 2022 No Comments

Members of the public can expect to see changes in the way the Government reports its COVID-19 statistics, with effect from today, as services are scaled back in line with the Exit Strategy announced by the Chief Minister and Director of Public Health.

Statistics will take on a new, reduced format with effect from today, Wednesday 6th April. Thereafter, statistics will be reported in their new format on a weekly basis, every Thursday, including Thursday 7th April.

The Government will continue to report statistics regarding:

  • Total confirmed cases
    – New confirmed cases
    – Total deaths
    – New deaths
    – Hospitalisations
    – Vaccines administered

It will not, however, provide detailed breakdowns regarding numbers of tests, close contacts or genomic sequencing. A sample of confirmatory PCR tests will continue to be sequenced as part of the Director of Public Health’s routine monitoring.

The Minister for Civil Contingencies, Samantha Sacramento, said: ‘As Gibraltar scales down on its COVID-19 related services, there is no longer an operational requirement to continue to provide daily detailed breakdowns of COVID-19 statistics. The Government will, therefore, provide a weekly update of the most pertinent information, including of new positive cases, hospitalisations and the vaccine programme. I’d like to thank the many individuals whose work has allowed the Government to provide detailed and accurate daily statistics throughout the pandemic, and for their continued work as Gibraltar moves through this new, scaled back phase of the response.’