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Changes to Pet Passports on end of EU transitional period – 764/2020

By November 2, 2020 No Comments

Existing Pet passports will need to be renewed for a non-EU version following Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union in January. This is made clear in the latest Technical Notice issued by the Government today which provides information and guidance to the general public in preparation for the end of the transition period after 31 December.

The Government, through the Ministry of the Environment, has made arrangements for veterinarians in Gibraltar to start issuing the new format Pet Passports as from the middle of this month. The remodelled document is identical to the existing one except that it will reflect the fact that Gibraltar is no longer in the EU with the disappearance of the EU flag and the words “European Union” from the front cover.

The Technical Notice confirms that in law there should be no change to the controls carried out on pet animals crossing the border next year. This means that pets will be able to cross the border into Spain with the correct identification documents. They will also be subject to the usual checks like the implantation of a transponder, the anti-rabies vaccination and they should comply with any specific health measures for diseases or infections, other than rabies, adopted by the Commission from time to time.

The new Pet Passport will be free of charge to those who wish to renew it or at a fee of £20 for new ones (not renewals).