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Celebrating Neurodiversity in the Classroom – 492/2022

By July 15, 2022 No Comments

Further to HMGoG’s signing of the Made By Dyslexia pledge and the CPD training on Microsoft’s Made By Dyslexia Awareness, the staff at Hebrew Primary School have started to actively create activities and opportunities to support neurodiversity in the classroom.

With a greater awareness and knowledge on how to adapt their classrooms to be more inclusive, teachers at Hebrew Primary School have been adopting greater multi-sensory approaches to their educational provision.

By giving all children the opportunities for greater pupil choice so as to facilitate their engagement with activities and tasks that appeal to them, pupils can all access learning at their own level so that no one is made to feel different or singled out.

We support our young learners by celebrating and nurturing their neurodiversity.

When traditional worksheet and textbook tasks are replaced by multi-sensory learning activities, all children are excited and inspired to learn, and they fully engage with the task at hand. Through this approach, children are given the opportunity to be creative, resilient, problem solvers and big picture thinkers.

No one suffers when we build more inclusivity into our teaching and learning, and this simple change in mindset can help our neurodiverse children to thrive and really succeed.