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Cathedral Square Park and Moorish Castle Estate playground refurbishment complete – 325/2021

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325.2 2021

Given its location, many will have seen that over the last few weeks works have been taking place at Cathedral Square Park.  The area which has not received extensive works for a while was closed due to health and safety concerns and with works to address these issues complete the park has been re-opened. All existing equipment has been revamped and reinstated including the original perimeter fencing and benches that give the playground its unique traditional feel. In addition, aside from repairing the safety flooring it has now been extended to the edges of the areas after suggestions had been received from regular users of the area. Finally, dangerous concrete areas have been leveled off and/or removed.


The Minister for Sports & Leisure, the Hon. Steven Linares re-opened the area adding: “I am delighted with the finished article in what is one of Gibraltar’s most popular playgrounds.  The area was in need of work and I am now satisfied that all health and safety concerns have been addressed so that children can continue to enjoy it safely. My thanks to the Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage who have provided invaluable advice and guidance and above all to my dedicated staff at the GSLA for their continuous support, professionalism and outstanding workmanship. It is however not the only area that the GSLA has been working on lately as I am also happy to report that the playground at Moorish Castle Estate has also received similar attention, with the works now complete for all to enjoy.  Over the next few weeks, spot checks and repairs will continue at many of the other areas around Gibraltar that require them.  I urge the general public to enjoy our fantastic amenities whilst also caring for them and to continue to engage with the GSLA Facilities Team in respect of suggestions and any other matters related to parks and playgrounds”