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Care Agency provides ERS staff with therapeutic support – 70/2021

By January 19, 2021 No Comments

The Psychology and Therapeutic Services at the Care Agency have extended therapeutic support to staff at the Care Agency and the ERS. 


Giselle Carerras, Head of Psychology and Therapeutic Services at the Care Agency, commented, “My dedicated team of counsellors are working hard to offer psychological support and advice to front-line staff, as well as continue to offer our clients remote sessions. These continue to be very difficult times and it’s important to ensure that our frontline staff feel supported.”


Carlos Banderas, CEO, added, “Now more than ever before, looking after one’s own mental wellbeing is paramount. It is encouraging to see my department, under the trusted direction of our chartered psychologist, Giselle Carreras, extend its services to staff at the ERS. We must continue to work multiagency to support staff and services-users alike.”


Minister with responsibility for Health and Care, Samantha Sacramento MP said “Our frontline clinical staff are working extremely hard and in very difficult circumstances. Everyone’s welfare is of paramount importance and I am very happy have to see this multi-agency agency support being offered to colleagues. I cannot thank our teams enough for they work to keep our community safe during these difficult times”