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Business Support – 226/2020

By March 25, 2020 No Comments

 As part of the measures introduced to address the current state of emergency HM Government of Gibraltar is glad to announce the creation of a business support group that is operational from the Ministry of Business Tourism and Transport.

Businesses with any matters on which they require clarification regarding operational restrictions as result of the new emergency measures that came into effect at 00.00 hours on 24 March 2020, are kindly advised to email:


Businesses making use of this email are kindly requested to provide a contact telephone number so a support team member can either contact the business direct on the telephone number provided or revert via email.

The Ministry of Business, Tourism and Transport as from 24 March 2020 will under very strict criteria and exceptional circumstances be able to consider, by way of the issue of a permit, that key critical and essential elements of business can be conducted by businesses not exempted under the standing emergency regulations.

The permit would be restricted for the provision of only what is deemed critical and essential and subject to very stringent conditions.

Businesses that under the current state of emergency, are not exempted, under the regulation and file for this exceptional permit will be required to exhaustively satisfy the Ministry that there is a critical need to supply any key essential product or service, and applications will only be strictly considered on furnishing the following:

  1. Detail specifying which essential services it intends to support.
  2. What specific products or services it will provide.
  3. Frequency and quantum of product/service supplied since 1 January 2020 to each of the essential services detailed.
  4. Evidence in the form of email/letter from key essential services that will continue to be supported that confirms continued supply of the specified product/service remains critical and essential. 
  5. Staff numbers it will require to carry out these operations and measures taken to ensure staff numbers are kept to a minimum.


  1. Premises from which the operations will be carried out.
  2. Evidence of how the risk of contamination of COVID-19 will be contained.

Businesses should kindly submit requests for these permits with all supporting information and documentation to:


Businesses are also kindly reminded that any exceptional permits granted will at all times need to be available for inspection on request by the relevant authorities and may be at any time amended or revoked.