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Brexit Strategic Group prepares for no agreement – 699/2020

By October 8, 2020 No Comments
699.1 2020

The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia this morning chaired of a meeting of the Brexit Strategic Group which is preparing Gibraltar’s readiness for the possibility of no agreement on the future relationship with the European Union.

A series of updates were received on the supply chain, commerce, critical services, health and social care, law and order, public services and legislation.

The meeting included the Chief Secretary Darren Grech, the Collector of Customs John Rodriguez, the Captain of the Port Manolo Tirado, the Assistant Commissioner of Police Cathal Yeats, Parliamentary Counsel Paul Peralta, Civil Contingencies Coordinator Ivor Lopez, Ernest Francis from the Office of the Deputy Chief Minister, Michael Crome and Richard Montado from No 6, Stephen Warr from the Department of the Environment,  Toni Sanderson from the GHA and Daniel D’Amato the Director of Gibraltar House in Brussels.

This no-deal group constitutes a parallel and separate workstream to the ongoing negotiations for the end from the transitional period with an agreement.