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Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School Year 4 English Project – 391/2023

By June 15, 2023 No Comments

Year 4  pupils from Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School have been working on an English project aimed to engage learners in a practical exercise that combines language skills with real-world applications. The opportunity to visit the Leisure Centre and gather information was invaluable to the pupils. It allowed them to gain firsthand knowledge and inspiration for designing leaflets. The children dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the task over the past two weeks, putting in a tremendous amount of effort and creativity.

To finalise the project, John Azzopardi and Louise Gillingwater paid a special visit to Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School. The Managing Director and his colleague took the time to commend the children on their outstanding efforts and presented them with well-deserved certificates and prizes. They also took on the role of judges, carefully selecting the winners who demonstrated exceptional talent and originality in their designs. This thoughtful gesture by John Azzopardi and Louise Gillingwater is not only rewarding for the pupils but also encourages them to explore the many activities offered at the Centre. The children were also excited to hear that the winning leaflets would be featured on their social media pages and displayed at the Centre soon.

The Year 4 pupils and staff of Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to John Azzopardi and Louise Gillingwater for their generous contribution and support.