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Autumn Poetry Competition 2021 – 829/2021

By November 10, 2021 No Comments

The annual Poetry Competition organised by Gibraltar Cultural Services and the Gibraltar Chronicle, attracted a total of 184 entries.

The awards were presented on Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 4.30pm at GEMA Gallery, Montagu Bastion.

The Overall Prize of £1000 has been awarded to Mark Montovio for his poem “Inkululeko”.

The category winners are as follows:

Adult Winner:                              Martin H – “Like a Pack of Wolves”

Runner up:                                     James McNally – “The Age of Invisible Monsters”

Highly Commended:               James McNally – “The Eye of the Work”

Best Spanish Poem:                 Anna Maria Breen – “Sin Querer”

Runner up:                                      Amanda Clarise Ferrary – “Un Amor Gitano”

Highly Commended:               Teresa Mascarenhas – “Llueve”

Highly Commended:               Jackie Villa – “Canta el Gallo”

School Years 11 – 13                              

Winner:                                            Matthew Navas – “Ah, White Butterfly”

Runner Up:                                     Hannah Koessler – “Stay Behind Cave”

School Years 8 – 10                  

Winner:                                            Siddarth Lakhiani – “Brotherhood and Dice”

Runner Up:                                     Siena May Lee – “Screenagers”

Highly Commended:               Michael Piris – “The Teen”

School Years 6 – 7                     

Winner:                                            Miriam Natasha Ramagge – “Mani”

Runner Up:                                     David Verdes Pachkoria – “Power of Dreams”

Highly Commended:               Dexter Rhys Michael Murphy – “The Gods”

School Years 4 – 5

Winner:                                            Krishaa Lakhiani – “Greyback Beauty”

Runner Up:                                     Poppy Grace Down – “Autumn in Gibraltar”

The Overall winner received a £1000 cash prize and a trophy whilst the entry for the Best Poem in the Spanish language received a £50 voucher and a trophy donated by the Ministry of Culture. Both winners also received a 3-month Chronicle subscription kindly donated by the Gibraltar Chronicle.

The winners in each school year category also received a trophy donated by the Ministry of Culture, as well as a £30 voucher and pen kindly donated by the Gibraltar Chronicle.

Entries obtaining Runner-up Prizes and Highly Commended will be receiving corresponding certificates from the Ministry for Culture and a pen kindly donated by Gibraltar Cultural Services.

All winning entries will be published in the Gibraltar Chronicle.