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Art week at St Joseph’s Lower Primary School – 239/2023

By April 17, 2023 No Comments

St Joseph’s Lower Primary School recently held an Art Week organised by Art Coordinator, Kelly Trico. Many of our local talented, dynamic, and well-known artists were invited to share their artistic skills and experiences with the children and teachers. The event was a huge success and inspired pupils to explore their own creativity.

Throughout the week, the artists engaged with the learners in different ways. Some artists gave talks on their artistic journey, while others conducted workshops or delivered live demonstrations of their craft. The children were also invited to visit one of the artist’s studios, which was a unique and exciting experience for them.

At Joseph’s Lower Primary School, we firmly believe that exposing children to a variety of creative disciplines is essential in nurturing their creativity and appreciation for the arts. The participation of the artists greatly benefited our pupils and will inspire them to explore their own creativity.

The artists found the experience rewarding and meaningful too. They were able to share their passion for their craft and inspire the next generation of artists. The event was a great opportunity for the artists to connect with the community and showcase their work.

The Art Week was a wonderful success and we are proud of the impact it had on our learners. We hope to continue to host similar events in the future to continue to foster a love of the arts in our community.

Emilio Montero opened up his studio and shared his artistic journey with the children. He introduced them to the different media available to create art and inspired them with his creative process.

Naomi Duarte taught the children how she uses art to process her feelings. Her workshop was based on colours and emotions. She gave the children a colour chart and played different snippets of songs. The children had to think of which colour that song would be associated with. As an activity, the children chose a feeling and colour on a piece of paper and created abstract and creative artwork. Naomi encouraged them to use a variety of feelings and senses to pour into their art.

Charlene Figueras created a presentation that explained how her upbringing surrounded by sewing machines inspired her journey as a Fashion Designer and a Photographer. She showed the children her original sketches that led to her different collections and how she reached her final creations. Charlene then set the children a task to create their own outfits out of newspaper and they even walked the runway in their creations.

Kristel Turner visited and introduced us to ‘The Monster Project’, a collaborative art initiative between year 1 children and year 10 pupils. The project involves children drawing monsters and then having the Westside School art pupils recreate them in their own styles. The children will have the chance to visit Westside School and see their monster creations.

Kristel shared with us how this project will help our children recognise the power of their own imaginations and encourage them to pursue their creative potential.

Finally, Kathleen Victory spoke to the children about how her journey as an artist led her to become a special effects artist. She also showed the children how art doesn’t have to go on paper but can be created on skin. Kathleen gave the children a live demonstration of how she does this for movies, leaving the children in complete amazement.

We would also like to thank all the artists who unfortunately were not able to make it to our art week, but we appreciate their interest in sharing their skills with our children. The week was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to explore their creativity and learn from local artists.