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Applications for College of Europe – 847/2019

By December 3, 2019 No Comments

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar invites students wishing to enrol in postgraduate academic programmes with the College of Europe to submit applications for admission ahead of the 2020-2021 academic year. The College of Europe, with campuses in Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Poland), is one of the most prestigious European universities offering postgraduate courses in European legal, economic and political studies.

The two working languages of the College are English and French. All study programmes are bilingual, with the exception of the MA in Transatlantic Affairs, which is an English-only programme. Further information on the College’s language requirements can be sought from the following website:


Candidates wishing to apply are asked to send the following information/documentation to the Government prior to 23 December 2019:


  • Covering letter (max 600 words) confirming: (1) the title of degree already obtained or to be obtained (with start/end date, university, faculty, etc.); (2) other relevant academic activity; (3) any relevant professional experience; (4) language knowledge; (5) motivation behind the application; and (6) the College’s academic programme intended to be pursued.


  • CV, which should include the names and email, addresses of two university professors who would be able to respond to reference requests.


  • Copy of a university degree (if already obtained) as well as university transcripts detailing results for every year of study and grades obtained.


Students completing a university degree in 2020 are also invited to apply.

Candidates are asked to apply by email and to send documents in PDF format to the Office of the Deputy Chief Minister:


After the deadline, all applications will be evaluated and a preselection of candidates will be made in collaboration with the College.

Further information on the College’s academic programmes and academic requirements can be found online at: