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Alana Sacarello Receives 2nd Prize in the United Nations Universal Postal Union 2019 International Letter Writing Competition – 806/2019

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806.1 2019


Local student Alana Sacarello has received 2nd Prize (Silver Medal) in the United Nation UPU 2019 Letter Writing Competition. 

Millions of young people all over the world, up to the age 15, have participated in this annual International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People since its launch in 1971. Each year, the UPU International Bureau announces a theme. The theme selected for the 2019 competition was: “Write a letter about your hero”. The participating countries worldwide then organise the competition at the national level with support from its Postal Services and the Education Departments. All entries must be submitted through the National Post. Each country chooses a national winner and submits this entry to the international round, held by the UPU. An international jury, chosen by the UPU International Bureau, judges the letters and selects the winners and entries worthy of a special mention.

The 2019 Results were as follows:

Gold                     Richemelle Koukoui                  BENIN

Silver                   Alana Sacarello                            GIBRALTAR

Bronze               Leyla Dadashova                         AZERBAIJAN

Minister with responsibility for Postal Services, the Hon Vijay Daryanani, said: “Gibraltar has been participating in the competition since 2013. The competition is an excellent way of encouraging letter writing and create awareness of the Postal Services among younger generations. It also helps develop their skills in composition and the ability to express their thoughts clearly. The fact that Ms Alana Sacarello has achieved a 2nd Prize (Silver Award Winner) in such a prestigious international letter writing competition, in which many thousands of young people participate, makes us all very proud. Alana has set the bar very high.”

Ms Alana Sacarello, silver medal winner of the 2019 UM UPU Letter Writing Competition, said: “I was shocked when I found out I had won the Gibraltar letter writing competition so you can imagine how amazed I was when I heard I had won the international silver medal. I still can’t quite believe it. I wrote my letter about how inspirational Greta Thunberg is.  She showed us nobody is too small to make a difference.  I guess even though I was only 10 when I wrote the letter, I wasn’t too small to achieve such a great award!”

The title for the 2020 competition will shortly be announced and children up to the age of 15 are encouraged to participate in this most worthwhile event.