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AFRS Undertake Safeguarding Children Tier 1 Training with Care Agency – 787/2022

By October 24, 2022 No Comments

The Airport Fire and Rescue Service frequently comes into contact with children who from time to time visit their Fire Station. Throughout the year the AFRS receives numerous requests from schools, scouts and other similar community associations to visit, so it has developed a number of well-rehearsed educational and instructional activities to suit those age groups.

As a result of a structured programme driven by the Child Protection Committee all AFRS firefighters recently undertook a Tier 1 Safeguarding Children Training course. This was delivered by experienced instructors from the Care Agency and provided an excellent opportunity for firefighters to obtain a wider awareness on the issues that may be encountered when working with children of varied age groups.

It served to create increased awareness on safeguarding protocols and about everyone having a collective responsibility to keep children safe and protect them from harm. A far greater understanding of the potential warning signs was therefore achieved, how to recognise these, the various child protection procedures and how to respond to any concerns about a child, so it was certainly most enlightening and useful for all the AFRS staff to gain this additional knowledge.

The Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, the Minister with responsibility for Children and Safeguarding said: “This hugely important training has been delivered as part of the Strategic Aims of the Child Protection Committee and is essential for all professionals working with children and young persons.

“We must ensure that adequate structures and protocols are in place to safeguard children and young persons in any setting which they regularly attend. Safeguarding is everybody’s business so we will continue to raise awareness through this concerted programme.”