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A Level Results Day – 534/2020

By August 13, 2020 No Comments

Students received their A-Level results today at the Gibraltar College, Westside and Bayside schools. For the first time, these results were issued electronically by the schools.

Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the examination results at the three Government institutions who deliver A-Level/Level 3 courses remain comparable to previous years, with an overall pass rate of 91% across the three institutions. 

After the unexpected cancellation of the summer examination session, all examination centres were asked by UK examination boards to make their best teacher assessment of what grade students would be most likely to receive had they had the opportunity to sit their exams (Centre Assessment Grades – CAGs), and to place candidates in rank order. The ranking order required by the JCQ stipulated process provided examination boards with a mechanism to effect any adjustments they deemed necessary. There has been a process of statistical analysis of centre assessment grades, by the examination boards at UK national level, in order to ensure a distribution of grades nationally is similar to previous years. This unprecedented process of awarding CAGs and issuing final examination results for students has resulted from circumstances nobody could have foreseen. Our teachers worked diligently to provide grades for students and to place them in rank order as fairly and accurately as possible in order to enable the UK examination boards to issue results. 

This academic year will have been an extremely surreal year for students and teachers with students finishing their school journey in an unexpected and very unusual manner. This milestone, the culmination of their years in school, has unfolded in a manner that nobody would have intentionally designed.

We would like to take the opportunity to praise our students and all school staff who have supported these young people throughout their learning journey. We commend the students for their resilience and urge them to reflect on their school career, to be proud of their successes and to celebrate these, as there are many success stories to celebrate.

This year sees students in our three secondary institutions having secured 607 pass grades, each one representing an individual story and learning journey. Of note are also the large number of students, 11 in total, who have attained three As or above, giving them the status of Gibraltar Scholar. 

Teachers in schools as well as staff at the Department of Education, are on hand to advise, support and provide guidance and assistance to all students, both those who have secured a place at University and those who may be continuing to seek a place through the clearing process or who may now find themselves looking at other options. 

Minister for Education, Gilbert Licudi, congratulated both students and teachers on their hard work and efforts. He said: “It has been a difficult year in many ways and one which has been full of uncertainties. Despite this, our students have now received their results and many will be extremely proud of their achievements. Not all students will have achieved the grades they expected. We must not forget these students. Our schools will be available to advise and assist these students in continuing the pathway which they have chosen.”

The Director of Education, Jacqueline Mason commented: “During these unprecedented times our students have once again risen to the challenge and many have succeeded in their A Level and Level 3 qualifications. 

“We have 11 Gibraltar Scholars who have made their school proud and so many students who we need to congratulate for their achievements. These grades see the culmination of two years hard work with teachers guiding and supporting these students’ educational journey. We would like to congratulate all students and teachers on their successes, particularly this year when they have all risen above the challenges that COVID has presented.”

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