16 September 2019

With the advice of the Chief Minister, the Governor, Lt. General Edward Davis dissolved the Gibraltar Parliament.

The Chief Minister then announced at a press conference that the general election will be held on the 17th October 2019.

Watch as he highlights the importance of voting in an experienced Government, in order to be able to overcome any of the challenges Brexit will throw at us, in the most efficient and effective manner!

17 September 2019

The GSLP officially launches their new website and social media platforms.

18 September 2019


Pursuant to our press conference this morning, we have issued the following press statement:

On Monday Fabian Picardo, Leader of the GSLP/Liberal Alliance called a General Election for the Gibraltar Parliament for Thursday 17th October 2019.

The GSLP/Liberals will work hard to persuade the people of Gibraltar that they are the RIGHT choice for the people of Gibraltar.

Mr Picardo explained on Monday that “now is not the time for novices or has-beens. Now is not the time for political experiments nor political spent forces. Now, more than ever, it is time for the proven. For the successful. For the tried and tested… I sincerely believe that there has never been a moment in our history where the choice of this community’s political leadership has been more important.”

Hon Dr Joseph Garcia, the Leader of the Liberal Party, said: “People cannot forget that this election is about choosing the best people to manage the challenges facing Gibraltar and the principle challenge we face is Brexit.  We are the people with the experience and the established relationships to deal with Brexit.  Additionally, our record in government is second to none.  Gibraltarians know that the GSLP/Liberals are the best option for the future.”

As part of the process of making that choice, the GSLP/Liberals are now fully focused on preparing for the election, gathering a new winning team for Gibraltar and creating a programme of commitments capturing our vision for the best Gibraltar we can be.

The GSLP/Liberals therefore wish to remind its members and the public at large of the key dates in this election cycle for the General Election.

Tuesday 19 September 2019

As from 09.00 on Thursday 19th September, prospective candidates wishing to be considered for selection to the GSLP slate for the General Election may register at the GSLP’s offices at Watergardens.

Sunday 22 September 2019

Candidates wishing to sign up for selection have until 17.00hrs to do so, after which point registration will close

Monday 23 September 2019

The process of selection begins – prospective candidates will be interviewed by the Executive Committee of the GSLP from 20.00hrs, Monday 23rd September 2019

Tuesday 24 September 2019

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the GSLP will be held on Tuesday 24th September 2019 at which the seven candidates selected to run for the GSLP/Liberal Alliance will be confirmed

The Execuive Committee of the Liberal Party will choose the three candidates that will be selected to run as the Liberal candidates in the GSLP/Liberal Alliance.

Wednesday 25 September 2019

GSLP/Liberal Alliance candidates will sign on in Parliament at 11.00hrs.

Tuesday 1 October 2019

As we enter election month, the GSLP/Liberals will host their General Election Public Meeting.  All members of the public are welcome.

19 September 2019

The GSLP/Liberals prepare their programme for 2019-2023

The GSLP Liberals have today confirmed that work on the Alliance’s manifesto for the next four years is now nearing completion.

Fabian Picardo, Leader of the GSLP, explained that, “what we are working on is a programme that builds on all the massive steps this community has taken in the last eight years. This is a programme that consolidates the legacy of the work we have done to date and builds on it to the advantage of every generation of Gibraltarians. For the GSLP Liberals, this phase of the election cycle which we refer to as a pre-campaign, allows us to take stock of everything we have achieved and, importantly, of the context in which we have achieved it. We are working across the party on fine tuning ideas we have been working on for the past four years since the last manifesto went to print. We are putting the finishing touches on an exciting but prudent programme for the next forty eight months of Government.”

“It is a source of much pride for us that we have been able to deliver on such a substantial proportion of the many ambitious targets we had set for ourselves in both 2011 and 2015. We knew we were looking at a few years during which the attention of much of the leadership team in Government was going to be spent on Brexit related matters – but that hasn’t stopped the team from delivering very substantially!”

The Leader of the GSLP continued: “The GSLP is proud that on some projects we have managed to deliver so much more than even we had envisaged. Looking through our excellent manifesto for 2015 as a reference point for all the things we’ve done in the last four years, we see images of one planned comprehensive. Those images, ironically, are nowhere near as good as the finished project for TWO new comprehensives which we all see today as we drive along Waterport Road. It truly is remarkable.”

The Leader of the Liberal Party, Dr Joseph Garcia, said that it was a very important moment for the party and for the Alliance. Dr Garcia said: “Along with our friends and family in the GSLP, the Liberal party is looking forward to continuing to be trusted and to serve our people with a renewed and refreshed mandate on October 18th to make Gibraltar the best that it can be. As Fabian has often said, we are working hard today, to honour our past and to secure our future, the future of all generations of Gibraltarians. We are paying forward our good fortune and the fruits of the labour of all Gibraltarians. We are shattering the glass ceiling of Brexit to emerge on the other side of October 31st – or whenever, if Brexit happens – better, stronger, and more confident than ever before.”

20 September 2019

General Election 2019 – Week 1 Draws To A Close.

Statement by the Party Leader Fabian Picardo:

We are coming to the end of the first week of the pre-campaign for the General Election on October 17th. The GSLP Liberal family is preparing to select its candidates. We are putting the final touches to our new and exciting manifesto for the next four years. This is also a time to reflect on the last 8 years.

It is clear to me, as I am sure it is for many of you, that by pretty much any measure imaginable, and not just as a result of the efforts of the GSLP Liberals in the last 8 years, we enjoy a blessed existence here in Gibraltar.  In terms of healthcare, education, the environment, and in the availability of public services, the cost to Gibraltarians of these services and in the contributions we make to the public purse, I believe that it is right to assert that Gibraltarians enjoy a quality of life which is hard to knock.  It’s not perfect, of course. Nothing is and we always work to make things better.

Gibraltar is a thriving, bustling community – we’re all used to the pace of life here and it is often only when we leave for a few days away that we return home and are taken aback by the intensity of life in Gibraltar.  I am a Gibraltarian through and through and love this wonderful place we call home with every fibre of my body. That doesn’t mean I am blind to the things I would like to change if it were within our grasp to do so.  I too perceive the assault on the senses that being in Gibraltar can often be and I think it’s fair to make a couple of observations in that regard.

Getting and staying busy is a key trait of the entrepreneurial spirit of Gibraltarians. A determination to do more, build more, attract more wealth and investment to Gibraltar, to have more – all these things are key components of the enduring success story of the last thirty years despite the many challenges we have tackled in that time.  It’s a large measure of what makes Gibraltar and its citizens who and what they are.  As much as the next person, I too often hanker after a quiet space, or a quiet moment to reflect and recharge. Whilst I hear the criticisms about Gibraltar having become a concrete jungle, such criticism has to be set in the context of how we have achieved all that we have. 

Those who point at all the development we have seen in the last 8 years and beyond as a bad thing for Gibraltar, forget to say what their alternative vision looks like. It’s very easy for critics to say ‘I wouldn’t build this’ or ‘I wouldn’t invest in that’. The real challenge of course is in offering either a credible alternative plan for growth or an honest admission that if we stand still, we go backwards in every possible way. Put in the simplest terms, the many developments we have seen in the last eight years have been largely about houses and offices that become homes and jobs for our people. We have built schools too, to give our children the best start possible.

It was Joe Bossano’s GSLP that created the financial services and gaming sector that is such a huge part of the economic output of this community.  It was Joe Bossano’s GSLP that established the student grants for all, a vision that has been reaping rewards for this community in immeasurable terms. Consider the people leading this community, whether in the public or private sectors.  The value of the combined experience and technical expertise that the people leading this community contribute to our society is impossible to fathom, and that was the wonder of Joe’s vision all those many years ago.

It is right also to acknowledge the role that my immediate predecessor, Sir Peter Caruana, played too. I disagreed with a lot Sir Peter did, but he took the reins of this place in 1996 and helped guide Gibraltar to the next level in many ways over 16 years.  The economy did precisely as well as Joe Bossano predicted it would – in fact, Sir Peter called Sir Joe’s predictions on GDP growth in 2007 wrong and undeliverable. Despite that, Sir Joe’s predictions at election time were proved correct, time and time again, even when the GSD were in power.  In our excellent manifesto for 2015, the only actual manifesto presented for the election that year, Sir Joe predicted that GDP growth to March 2020 would be £2.4bn. We achieved that target a full year early, reporting GDP output at £2.347bn to March 2019.

Since we took office in 2011, Gibraltar’s economic performance has gone from strength to strength.  We have outperformed all our own benchmarks for economic performance, despite the many headwinds.  We have, since 2011, transformed once more the Gibraltar we all know and love. 

We have invested more heavily than ever before. In education, we have invested your money to produce schools which would be the envy of any major city, let alone a community of 30,000. In healthcare, we have invested in the delivery of new and exciting services as well as in the context of better mental healthcare facilities and services, including the repatriation of those services which we are now offering from Gibraltar. We have put the environment front and centre, passing every policy and every initiative through our environmental filter. Our future jobs strategy has been an out and out success and whilst we have what any other country would proudly call ‘functional full employment’, we will not stop until we have employed every last Gibraltarian.

The last 8 years, set in the longer historical context of all my predecessors, set against the backdrop of three British Prime Ministers, are a record that I am therefore exceedingly proud to be judged upon.  I am also very excited about the work yet to be done and the many great ideas we have for the next four years.  We have laid the strongest foundations possible – not just economic, but political too.  I know we’re all tired of hearing it – trust me when I say that few people are as tired of it as I am – but Brexit was a challenge no one wanted but one that Gibraltar has risen to and turned into an opportunity.  Never have our ties with the UK been closer. Never in our history have our politicians been better connected with the senior politicians in the UK. All this has been down to the challenge of Brexit and to the hard work and sacrifice of some of us in Gibraltar.

And so, as we move into week two of the campaign, it is important to point out what I think are the key issues in this election. The people of Gibraltar need to decide which political grouping, in their view, can continue to deliver the economic growth, year after year, that Gibraltar deserves, that Gibraltar wants and that any community needs if it is to prosper.  The party of Government must be able to run Gibraltar’s economy successfully whilst properly, maturely and effectively defending the interests of the Gibraltarians in a complex, uncertain and challenging international context. I believe that there is only one political grouping that can do that, and that is the political grouping I am very proud to lead – the GSLP Liberals.

I will not tire of saying that never before in the history of this community has the choice of political leadership been more important to us.  Gibraltar has a simple choice to make in a complex context.  The choice is stark and it is binary – you can choose the wrong people for the job or you can choose the RIGHT people for the job. Now is not the time for novices or has beens, nor is it the time for political experiments or spent forces.  Now is the time for the proven, not the promised. 

Now is the time for the successful and the tried and tested. That’s why you know, as the campaign starts, that the GSLP Liberals are the best choice for Government on the morning of the 18th October.

21 September 2019

The GSLP/Liberals Urge Students to Register for Postal or Proxy Vote. Don’t Lose your Right to Vote!

Visit www.parliament.gi for more information.

22 September 2019

The GSLP’s First Pre-Campaign Recap 

Listen in as our Party Leader, Fabian Picardo recaps what has been an exciting and eventful first week in the build-up to the 2019 General Election.

23 September 2019


Today marks a week since Parliament was dissolved and a general election was called. It is vital that every eligible voter, no matter how they will vote, checks that they are registered and if not, signs up to vote on the 17th of October.

Don’t lose your right to vote. Check online at www.parliament.gi or head down in person to the Gibraltar Parliament building!

Double check that you are registered. Better be safe than sorry!

24 September 2019

When Something Works, Don’t Change It – General Election 2019

By Samuel Marrache

Picture the scene; a football team has triumphed through the group stages of the Champions League. They then successfully progress through the knockout rounds and once again comfortably pass the quarter and semi-finals of the competition. With momentum behind them and respect throughout the footballing world, they are 30 minutes away from starting the Champions League Final. Would anyone sensible change the team’s manager at this stage?

The obvious answer to this almost rhetorical question is no, and the comparison to Brexit and the current political environment in Gibraltar is clear and obvious.

The GSLP/Liberals under the leadership of Fabian Picardo have triumphed in areas which no one thought would be possible. The Brexit negotiations team led by the Chief Minister secured, in the space of just a few years, guarantees on our sovereignty, recognition of our tax authorities and even acceptance by the Spanish of ‘Gibraltarian’ nationality.

Additionally, the Chief Minister and his team have forged strong relationships with politicians and diplomats throughout the world and especially within the United Kingdom. We have seen unprecedented levels of support from Westminster and Gibraltar is no longer a foreign concept to many MPs.

With Boris Johnson as PM, the likelihood of the UK and Gibraltar leaving the EU on the 31st of October has dramatically increased. By the time the general election on the 17th of October arrives, we will be in an equivalent position to being 30 minutes away from the Champions League Final. Brexit will be looming and the momentum and respect which the GSLP/Liberals have created over the last few years will be needed in order to see us across the line in the strongest and steadiest manner.

That is not to say that the only reason why the GSLP/Liberals deserve your vote is because we cannot afford change at this crucial juncture. In fact, the domestic record which the GSLP/Liberals has amassed since being elected into Government eight years ago speaks for itself.

In the space of eight short years, against the backdrop of Brexit, Gibraltar has truly been transformed. In education, we have seen the creation and renovation of schools like St Bernard’s, Notre Dame and the Comprehensives. In sport, we have seen several new state-of-the-art facilities being built such as new shooting ranges and the Europa sports complex. In health, we have seen wide-ranging reforms including the introduction of IVF, Ocean Views, Hillsides and Bella Vista and most recently a new children’s primary care centre. Our tourist product has been completely revolutionised and equality has been championed. Our foreign affairs have been handled with an unparalleled degree of professionalism. In housing, hundreds of families have already been housed in affordable homes such as Beach View Terraces and Mons Calpe Mews, with numerous purpose-built rental homes being allocated to our elderly.

Moreover, as a young member of our community, and especially as a student, the changes I have witnessed in the last eight years have been astounding. University grants were first extended to postgraduate studies so that everyone who chooses to could obtain a postgraduate degree. Events to engage our youth and ensure that they can party safely in Gibraltar were created including the now world-famous Gibraltar Music Festival which has attracted dozens of the best bands and singers in the world to our Rock. The housing waiting list is being proactively tackled with new 50/50 housing schemes already built or in the process of being built. Record low levels of unemployment have been reached and the abolition of a job scheme which paid its employees half the minimum wage! To top it off (and I could list yet more achievements for our youth) this year all students had their maintenance grants increased by around £500 in order to combat the ever-rising prices in the UK.

It is therefore impossible, even laughable, for any political party to suggest that they should be elected in place of the GSLP/Liberals based on the domestic record over the last eight years.

It is true of course that some projects remain to be completed, however, when we take into account how Gibraltar has changed in the short space of eight years despite Brexit, no one can argue that the GSLP/Liberals’ record is anything but impressive.

At this stage the usual critiques which we have come to hear from those in the GSD will no doubt emerge. Gibraltarians will once again be subjected to irrational and miscalculated economic imputations that this current Government is somehow overspending and that the budget is full of lies.

Given how mistaken this argument is, it does not deserve a response. It is simply a last-ditch effort repeatedly used by the GSD in order to instil fear into the Gibraltarian. However, since it will be incessantly repeated over the new few weeks it is worth highlighting how futile it is.

The budget released by this Government over the last eight years has been calculated in exactly the same manner as all previous Gibraltarian Governments have used. Therefore, when anyone attempts to discredit the budget, remind them that they are implying that all those budgets calculated under previous Chief Ministers such as Sir Peter Caruana, Sir Joe Bossano, Adolfo Canepa, Sir Joshua Hassan and Sir Bob Peliza were also by implication mistaken. The ‘golden legacy’ left by Sir Peter Caruana, as some in the GSD would call it, would therefore be nothing more than an economic disaster.

The futility and even arrogance of this argument, claiming that budgets have been miscalculated under several well-respected Chief Ministers, is something which every Gibraltarian should see straight through and recognise the desperation which some are experiencing, and the extent that they will go to in order to try and attract voters to their party.

On the 17th of October every Gibraltarian of voting age will be asked to decide who they want to govern their hometown for the next four years. The choice is simple: either vote for an alliance which has had an unprecedented level of domestic and foreign relations success or vote for a change. That change is either a dying, stagnant party which rehashes and repeats its usual fear-inducing arguments or a new party with minimal experience in the areas needed in order to make Brexit a success and ensure that Gibraltar continues to thrive.

It has been heard over the last few weeks around Gibraltar that this election will be important in order to see which party – either TG or the GSD – forms part of the opposition. However, voters must remember that if they do not want to ‘change their team’s manager’ at this crucial junction in our history and if they want to continue to see Gibraltar thrive over the next four years, then we all need to campaign and head out to vote for the GSLP/Liberals on the 17th of October. Complacency is the most dangerous trait in these elections.

Samuel Marrache is Chairman of the GSLP Students

25 September 2019

GSLP/Liberals Sign Up as Candidates

The GSLP/Liberals today officially signed up their team in Parliament as candidates for the upcoming general election.

Watch as the GSLP Party Leader @fabianpicardo highlights the importance of voting in the safest pairs of hands to guide Gibraltar over the next 4 years.

#VoteGSLPLibs #Strongestteam


Honoured To Stand For Election With The GSLP Liberals

By Vijay Daryanani

Elections are moments in the life of a community when the citizens are given the opportunity to express their view as a snapshot of the political landscape at a given moment.  I am thrilled to have a different honour bestowed on me in 2019, the privilege of being selected to replace the excellent Neil Costa as the third candidate for the Liberals for the upcoming election on 17 October.

I have always been engaged in politics, but largely from the sidelines. I have had the opportunity of influencing Government policy through the auspices of the Liberal party as it has shared the responsibility of leading this community during the last eight years.

I am honoured to now have the opportunity of standing for election. Should the community make the RIGHT choice for Gibraltar and choose the GSLP Liberals as its Government for four more years, I will now also have the opportunity to fully engage in a frontline manner, in the politics of this place I call home and which I love dearly.

It is true beyond question that never in the history of this community has the choice of political leadership been more important.  As the leader of the GSLP, Fabian Picardo, has said during the pre-campaign for this General Election, the choice for the community is as simple as it is stark.  It is a binary choice.  I fully agree with Fabian Picardo that come October 17th, the community can either choose the wrong people for the job or, in the GSLP Liberals, choose the RIGHT people for the job.

Deciding whether or not to honour me with your vote as I join the GSLP Liberals requires you to understand a little about my background and my vision for Gibraltar.  I was raised in Gibraltar and have been an active member of the Small Business community on Main Street for many years now.  I began my political career in the Liberal Party of Gibraltar which was launched as the Gibraltar National Party back in 1991.

I am committed to representing the interests of not just the Main Street traders, but also the interests of all the other sectors of the community, whose needs I believe this GSLP Liberal team has proven, over and over, is ready to protect and advance.  I bring my experience of running my own family business and the interaction with our customers and partners to the table.  Having the pulse of the people of Gibraltar and, importantly, the pulse of the many thousands of visitors who come to our shores every year. If we are to continue to make Gibraltar an appealing tourist product, I believe it is important for us to understand the trends and views of those whose trade we hope to attract. It is one of a number of very valuable contributions I believe I can make to the GSLP Liberal team if elected to Government.

On October 17th, the community is faced with a simple choice in a complex world. Now is not the time for novices or has beens.  Now is not the time for political experiments or spent forces.  It is the time for the tried and tested; the proven, not the promised.  On October 17th, choose all TEN GSLP Liberals to be your next Government. We will not let you down. I will not let you down.

Vijay Daryanani is an election candidate for the GSLP Liberals

New St. Anne’s School Officially Opened by Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo & Minister for Education, John Cortes

The GSLP/Liberals today officially opened the fantastic new St. Anne’s Middle School – the first of three brand new, state of the art schools to be opened in the next three days and one of FOUR opened in the last month.

#Education #Education #Education

26 September 2019

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo Officially Opens New Bayside School

Today, the Chief Minister formally opened the magnificent new Bayside School. As a former Head Boy of the school, Fabian Picardo highlighted that it was the “proudest moment of his political career”.

Both the head boy and girl of Bayside and Westside approached the Chief Minister and informed him that the “school is great”, showing the positive impact that these new facilities are having on the current cohorts of students.

Each of the two new comprehensives have their own massive sports hall, dance studio, drama studio, recording studio, five-a-side pitches, modern laboratories and high tech. ICT suites.

When we promised to invest in education and revolutionise that sector, many did not believe us. Looking at the two new comprehensives though, shows that we were right. We have delivered and shown that under a GSLP/Liberals Government, education and our youth will always be a priority!

27 September 2019

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo Officially Opens New Westside School

Today, the Chief Minister formally opened the second brand new Comprehensive school – Westside.

Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo noted the tremendos enthusiasm of the teachers during the official opening of both Westside and Bayside.

Upon inspection of both comprehensives, it is evident that the facilities which have been installed are second to none.

The GSLP/Liberals have been criticised for overspending in the education of the younger generation and the many generations to come. In answer to these criticisms, Chief Minister reminded everyone that both schools had a cost per square meter of £1,000 whilst the cost of the new airport per square meter (8 years ago) was £3,000.

First they said it shouldn’t be done.

Then they said it couldn’t be done.

They they said it wouldn’t be done.

But we did it!

#GSLP #Education #Generations

28 September 2019

JOIN US NOW AT https://www.gslp.gi/join-us/

Our membership is growing day by day and the GSLP family is continuously getting bigger. Why not sign up today and form part of our family, join our meetings and events and get in touch with your ideas and concerns.

Your ideas matter. Your concerns matter. Your views count.

Signing up is a quick and easy process and you can do so online at: https://www.gslp.gi/join-us/

What are you waiting for?

#growingfasterthanever #joinusnow #bepartofthefamily

29 September 2019

Today marks yet another important milestone in this year’s general elections. Today marks the end of the second week leading to the elections since it was announced on the 16th September 2019.

Watch and listen as Fabian Picardo recaps on yet another exciting week.

30 September 2019

The GSLP/Liberal candidates for the 2019 General Elections thanked Neil Costa for the magnificent service that he has provided to Gibraltar for the last 8 years.



Screenshot 2019 10 01 At 17.47.31

1 October 2019


GSLP Liberals call for correction of the record by GSD Leader Keith Azopardi 

Yesterday evening, at the first leaders’ event of the 2019 election campaign organised by GBC, in answer to a question from a member of the audience (Ms Simy Herbert) in relation to the minimum wage, Keith Azopardi QC said that the ‘commitment’ by the GSLP Liberals to raising the minimum wage to £7.50 over the next two financial years was only an ‘intention’ and not a ‘sort of legal commitment because of course no legislation had been passed for future years’, one that would only hold if the GSLP Liberals were reelected on October 17th.

The GSLP Liberals consider it is essential to point out that Mr Azopardi, the leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats, who is a lawyer, got that completely wrong because he got the law wrong. 

Gazetted on 4 July 2019, The GSLP Liberals Government gave legal effect to the commitment to raise the minimum wage to £7.50 in stages by way of Legal Notice 133 of 2019.  This was Gazetted on 4th July 2019*.  

Mr Picardo said: “This is a clear legal error by Mr Azopardi on an important issue that affects the lives of the lowest paid in our economy. It would be correct and appropriate for the leader of the GSD to make a public statement confirming that he got the law wrong and that he misrepresented a legal commitment as an intention.  People need certainty on this issue.  Mr Azopardi has created uncertainty on this for working people. Mr Azopardi has got this wrong and he needs to correct it as soon as possible.  I invite him to do so immediately.




GSD Policy Statement Seriously Flawed
The policy statement issued by the GSD today is seriously flawed in different areas. It is as if they simply do not know the facts of what has happened over the last few years and do not recall anything that has been said.
First, the Development Plan that they are complaining about in relation to piecemeal planning is actually the plan that they commissioned themselves when they were in office in 2009.
Second, the GSLP/Liberals have made it abundantly clear that we will develop affordable housing, housing for the elderly and for rental ALSO if necessary. So this is NOT a distinguishing factor between.
In any case, given that they complain about construction generally, they should explain to the electorate how they propose to build houses without making noise or lifting dust.
Thirdly, the GSLP/Liberals are already in negotiations with Gibdock, who have a lease over the area that they occupy. We want them to commit to higher environmental standards and will redevelop the area if we are unable to agree a lease extension with them.
Fourthly, the GSD seem to have a pretty mediocre agenda on the environment, judging by their statement today. The GSLP/Liberals will have more parks and green areas.
Moreover, it is also slightly hypocritical for Mr Azopardi to oppose Victoria Keys when he had exactly the same policy for a New Town in this area in the PDP manifesto of 2007! This included housing, commercial space and land reclamation and can be found on Page 12 of his 2007 manifesto.
The GSD will have to live with the consequences of what they say.

Gilbert Licudi – Party Political Broadcast – GSLP/Liberals

2 October 2019



It is extraordinary that the GSD have stated that they will re- open the GHA’s School of Health Studies. This is unforgivable nonsense in a General Election Campaign and comes a day after GSD leader Keith Azopardi also got the law wrong on the Minimum Wage.

The GSD are displaying a spectacular lack of competence in this election unseen before in our political history.

Given the many statements the GSLP Liberal Government has made in respect of the magnificent work carried out by the ALREADY OPEN AND EXISTING GHA School of Health Studies in our time in office, it is clear that the GSD will say anything in this election to try to win votes. They will even promise to do that which has already been done!

As the public are already aware, during the GSLP Liberals time in office to date, no less than 55 students at the School of Health Studies have graduated as Registered Nurses.

As the GSD also knows or should know, it was the GSLP Liberal Government that actually re-introduced the Enrolled Nursing programme that THE GSD ABOLISHED and that allows a vocational entry into the nursing profession. Since the GSLP Liberals reintroduced the programme that THE GSD ABOLISHED 71 students have completed the Enrolled Nursing programme.

Additionally the GSLP Liberals commenced, for the first time in Gibraltar, a Mental Health Nursing Degree in 2018. We also started, also for the first time in Gibraltar, a Social Work Degree in 2019 with 11 students currently undertaking the programme.

We have introduced many, many more courses, including additional degree programmes, than those listed here. The GSD will know this already – or they should do if they had read the news, done some research or spoken to anyone involved before shooting off without checking their facts, again.

The leader of the GSLP Liberal’s, Fabian Picardo, said: “No government in the history of our community has done more to train Gibraltarians to become qualified nurses – a group of professionals extremely close to our hearts. The community should look at the facts and ignore the GSD’s nonsense remarks. They got it wrong on the law on the Minimum Wage and the caused concern to many of the lowest paid in our economy. Now they have got it wrong on the School of Health Studies. At least this track record shows people they cannot rely on anything that the GSD says – they get their facts wrong all day every day. It’s a good thing they have been in charge of the Brexit negotiations for Gibraltar so far and this is good evidence of why they are not safe pair of hands going forward to deal with Brexit or anything else for Gibraltar.”


Steven Linares – Party Political Broadcast – GSLP/Liberals

Steven Linares explains the massive achievements that he has been able to deliver whilst holding the position of Minister for Culture, Sport and Youth. Gibraltarians will now be able to enjoy the benefits of having World Class Sports facilities at our doorstep such as the Europa Sports Complex.

Whilst Steven has been Minister for Culture, Gibraltar has received many globally renown musicians including Andrea Bocelli, David Guetta and Kings of Leon (to name but a few).

As Minister for Youth, he has also ensured youth clubs are more accessible to the youth of Gibraltar amongst other things.

Samantha Sacramento – Party Political Broadcast – GSLP/Liberals

Samantha has been Minister for Equality since December 2011 when the GSLP/Liberals first entered into office.

Under her supervision, the Civil Partnership Act and many other key pieces of legislation and amendments were introduced. This has certainly demonstrated that equality in all aspects is of paramount importance and is one of the very fundamental principles of the party.

As Minister for Housing, she has been able to ensure that the GSLP/Liberals have provided more affordable housing than any other. In their first term they have built 2 brand new estates of affordable housing and have now announced 3 more estates.

3 October 2019

The GSLP/Liberals Reveal and Launch their Brilliant Manifesto.

Read all about the magnificent changes and improvements that the GSLP/Liberals believe should delivered for every generation of Gibraltarians now and in the future.

Download your copy now at  http://www.generations.gi.


Fabian Picardo 1



The Leader of the GSLP LIBERALS, Fabian Picardo, said: “The street campaign is what I love the most.  It’s a chance to make our case directly to the electorate, the People of Gibraltar.  I cannot wait.  We have the best policies to discuss, we have the best record to talk about and we have the experience to know how to address the challenges that Gibraltar is facing.  We have a lot to say and my team cannot wait to say it! This is the best part of an election and it starts today!”

4 October 2019

Sir Joe Bossano’s Party Political Broadcast

The GSLP’s candidate, Sir Joe Bossano, delivers his Party Political Broadcast where he explains the serious issues revolving around Brexit – issues which only the GSLP/Liberals are prepared to resolve.

Sir Joe explains his financial predictions in the next coming years despite the effects of Brexit.

5 October 2019

Street Campaign Commences!

Today marks the commencement of the GSLP/Liberals Street Campaign after all the candidates hosted a ‘Meet and Greet’ event at Casemates.

6 October 2019

Less Parkings and More Parks – Week 3 Recap

Watch our latest video as Fabian Picardo explains our plan for a greener Gibraltar.

If we want to tackle climate change we need to build more green areas in our hometown. Converting Queensway and Grand Parade into green lungs for our city will serve us for generations to come!

7 October 2019


The fifth party political broadcast in this year’s general election. Vijay’s experiences make him an ideal candidate for the GSLP/Liberals team. In his broadcast, he explains how “now is not the time for political experiments” and that it is in the interests of Gibraltar to vote for the 10 GSLP/Liberal Candidates on the 17th of October 2019.


“A GSLP Liberal Government, if re-elected offers the most exciting and environmentally sustainable future for our Gibraltar”. This was revealed by GSLP Liberal Candidate, Paul Balban, at an electoral press conference today with the Leader of the GSLP Liberals, Fabian Picardo, at GSLP Campaign Headquarters in Irish Place.

Paul Balban said: “At a time when the whole world is lobbying for a greener and healthier environment, our manifesto will deliver a green Gibraltar, making Gibraltar a truly liveable and breathable city while incorporating modern technology to begin our journey to become a Smart City.

“Combined with our vision for the creation of the Child Friendly City, Gibraltar will lead other nations as we showcase what will be an inspiration to others.

“Our plans for Queensway build on the GSLP Liberals decision to create Commonwealth Park. Along with Midtown Park (the working name for the project under way in Reclamation Road), we will create two further parks along the southern end of Queensway, creating a ‘green corridor’ where there once were only car parks. This green lung will be the backdrop against which the GSLP Liberals will deploy a wealth of initiatives to encourage people to ride and walk to school/work along the city walls and beyond.

“We plan to improve our bus service yet further, building on the success of the bus tracker we deployed during this last term of office and deploying technology at the bus stops and in the buses themselves. We are not satisfied that there are no electric bus solutions usable in the Gibraltar context, so we will redouble our efforts to find a new, greener solution for our bus service.

“We have invested heavily in enhancing safety for pedestrians, installing all manner of infrastructure designed to protect and direct pedestrian traffic as safely as possible. Our work in that regard is not yet complete. We will continue to work towards the objective of offering pavements and safe crossings for all users, whatever their needs, throughout Gibraltar. Speed cameras and raised crossings are a couple of the strategies we are already using to curb speeding and make pedestrians as safe as we can. Our ‘Walk

the Wall’ project will be particularly relevant in this respect as it will be a pedestrian / cyclists zone only which will be family friendly and populated with greenery also. This project will deliver as much on our #greenGibraltar agenda as it will on our #ChildFriendlyCity project also.

“On parking, we will complete the zoning of our residential parking scheme, and we will build two car parks in the Upper Town which will include electricity charging points. It is expected that this initiative will provide a substantial number of parkings in the context of the Upper Town whilst retaining facilities such as the Plater Youth Club which will have brand new premises. As we finalise plans we will be able to confirm the number in due course but our current estimate is in excess of 500 parking spaces.

“Our current thinking on bicycles, which now appears to have also been adopted politically across the board will provide the necessary infrastructure to support, encourage and empower those that wish to explore the bicycle as a potential and viable alternative to the car and delivery vehicle for last mile deliveries within the commercial and pedestrian hub.

“Education will form the backbone of our cycling strategy as we take the very successful cycling proficiency courses established by the RGP to a totally new level of teaching vital and transferable skills for safe cycling on our roads via our new Pedal Ready teaching scheme.

“Added to our commitment to adopt tried and tested schemes we will explore the Ride to Work Scheme, incorporate a bicycle parking app and explore enhancements to our bicycle sharing scheme by including electric shared bicycles. We are also committed, in what will be a first for Gibraltar and a statement of intent like no other, to a per capita investment of £10 to the promotion of and creation of infrastructure for cycling in Gibraltar. This annual commitment lays down a financial marker of our commitment to cycling as an alternative form of transport in Gibraltar. The idea that there is no future for cycling in Gibraltar is now firmly confined to the same political bin in which the GSLP Liberals dumped the GSD’s diesel burning power station that would have meant annual increases in the price of electricity for 25 years and would have been belching black smoke into the environment for far longer.

“The future is bright but above all the future is green and child friendly – exactly what our people want!”

Fabian Picardo, the Leader of the GSLP Liberals said: “Paul has done such a great and passionate job these past eight years. He is committed to chaging transport in an environmentally sustainable way. But we know we have more to do and we are ready to do it. Our ideas for transport are the most exciting and the most positive. We are ready to deliver for our nation on this positive agenda for a #greenGibraltar. Now, to deliver this exciting agenda, we need the ten votes each elector has so that we form government next week.”



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“No Government has ever invested so much in tourism, both in time and funding, as the GSLP Liberal Government has – over a million pounds a year”. This was the key message today from Gilbert Licudi, GSLP/Liberal candidate for the general election, during a press conference to discuss tourism and the GSLP Liberals’ plans for the next four years held alongside the Leader of the GSLP Liberals, Fabian Picardo, at GSLP Campaign Headquarters in Irish Place.

Gilbert Licudi said: “Over £1 million is spent each year in marketing and promoting Gibraltar in addition to significant amounts in enhancing our tourist product and in supporting and sponsoring international cultural and sporting events.

“Tourism represents a crucial aspect of Gibraltar’s economy. Over seven million visitors each year generate important revenue for the Government but also, crucially, for the private sector. Transport operators, taxi drivers, restaurants, bars, shops and hotels all benefit. It also contributes to the creation of employment and is in part responsible for the record low numbers of unemployment which we now see in Gibraltar.

“The GSLP Liberals launched the Gibraltar ‘A Year of Culture’ campaign to the international press at the World Travel Market in London. This showcases Gibraltar’s culture and diversity as well as the many attractions which Gibraltar has to offer tourists. We have recently launched Gibraltar 2020 an initiative aimed at bringing 200 travel agents from the UK to Gibraltar.

“In order to continue to be attractive to tourists, we need to constantly improve our tourist product. At the same time, these attractions provide venues for local residents to enjoy.

“We now have the Windsor Suspension Bridge which offers panoramic views over the Bay. We built the Skywalk, a spectacular viewing platform. Gibraltar came to the attention of millions of Star Wars fans worldwide when the Skywalk was opened by Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars Films. The Skywalk also featured as a backdrop to the Bing search engine in July of this year. Bing, which is operated by Microsoft, has 137 million users and over 6 billion monthly searches. The use by Bing of an amazing picture of the Skywalk and the Rock represents an enormous exposure of Gibraltar as a tourist destination.

“Very shortly, if re-elected into office, we will have a new and enhanced attraction at St Michael’s Cave. Using advanced technologies and awe-inspiring projections this unique setting will take visitors on an unforgettable journey through Gibraltar’s history and natural history.

“In addition, we continue to focus on event-led tourism. World class cultural and sporting events feature heavily in the GSLP Liberal strategy to bring visitors to Gibraltar and to create entertainment for all to enjoy. The ever-growing list includes a number of festivals, including the literary, food, and jazz festivals as well as the Gibraltar Music Festival. We have international darts, snooker, chess and backgammon competitions, to name but a few. And this year, 11,000 local residents and visitors were able to enjoy a fabulous concert featuring Andrea Bocelli and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as local talent.

“We are in discussions with Cirque du Soleil to create a custom-made show for Gibraltar which would be performed. This promises to be an unforgettable experience with a unique show showcasing our history, heritage, culture, diversity and identity as a people.”

Gilbert Licudi concluded by saying ‘only a GSLP Liberal Government guarantees the continued and unprecedented levels of investment in Tourism we have seen in the last eight years’

Fabian Picardo, the Leader of the GSLP Liberals said: “We have done incredible work these past eight years, in particular Gilbert Licudi, but we have more to do. We have opened new, modern tourist sites already. We have more to do and I am really excited about bringing Cirque du Soleil to Gibraltar to add a feature of the summer season that will attract more tourists to the Rock. To deliver this exciting agenda, we need the ten votes each elector has so that we form government next week.”



The pledge on page 44 of the GSD’s manifesto to open a Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre is a reflection of the fact that the GSD does not even know what great progress has already been made in Gibraltar by the GSLP Liberals.

Under the heading ‘Cardiac Rehabilitation’, the GSD has made this pledge:

We will work with the Cardiac Association with a view to establishing a Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre staffed with specialist cardiac trained nurses to provide support and advice to the many cardiac patients and complement the work of the GHA.’

GSLP Liberal Leader, Fabian Picardo, said: “It really is quite extraordinary that the party that is seeking your trust to govern Gibraltar through one of the most difficult periods in her history cannot remember that the GSLP/Liberals already inaugurated the Lionel Perez Rehabilitation Centre in December 2017. Have the GSD not kept abreast of the many new and expanded services throughout our care services? Are they so disconnected from the medical and care needs of cardiac patients and their loved ones that they were completely unaware of the important strides the GSLP/Liberals have taken to improve the GHA’s cardiac services? It is self-evident that they care little about the real medical concerns of our community and have just been concerned to add eye catching pledges for their manifesto, even if they are disrespecting the great work already being done by our health professionals.”

“Since 2017, GHA patients enrolled in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre have enjoyed a modern facility with new equipment. The gymnasium is furnished with the latest equipment and a fully integrated audio-visual system, which was designed to promote a healing environment for patients with cardiopulmonary history or classified as ‘high-risk’. Music is provided during exercise sessions to support education, mindfulness, and relaxation needs.

“The new Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre was named in honour of the late Mr Lionel Perez in recognition of his voluntary services. The late Mr Perez was chairperson of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Support Group, which was founded in 1998 by Mr Gerry Fortuna (Cardiac Specialist Rehabilitation Nurse). The Health Minister, Neil Costa, and the GHA actively work closely with the Association to continually better the services offered to cardiac patients. In fact, this service is one of the GHA’s greatest success stories.”

Cardiac rehabilitation is geared towards improving quality of life and reducing risk associated with heart problems. It is designed specifically for people who have had recent heart problems such as angina, suffered a heart attack, or have undergone heart surgery. The patients who have completed the Cardiac Rehab Programme will become eligible to join the Cardiac Rehabilitation Self- help Group, as part of the maintenance phase that focuses on independence, while helping them maintain a healthy heart. The high-quality rehabilitation service is entirely consistent with clinical excellence guidelines.

The Leader of the GSLP added: “This hugely important clinical service was reviewed and refreshed. Neil Costa and I know that the invigorated rehabilitation programme has been of enormous benefit to cardiac patients. We listened carefully and acted on the Association’s recommendations because it is only by understanding patients’ needs that the GHA can continue to improve health services delivery. The GSD should learn to talk to the people they pretend to represent – perhaps if they had actually spoken to cardiac patients to better understand their concerns they would not have been so embarrassingly caught out to know nothing of the GHA’s excellent service in this area. What the GSD consider to be the future we deserve has already been delivered by us and we aspire to even better. We are ahead of the GSD in delivering great facilities such as this. The electorate should not allow the GSD to take us backwards ever again. Next week, I call on the electorate to keep our health services moving forward and vote for all 10 GSLP/Liberal candidates.”


8 October 2019


This is the sixth party political broadcast for the GSLP/Liberal candidates.

In it, John explains how it was under the GSLP/Liberal Government that the Climate Change Act, making it a legal obligation to look after our climate. In addition to this, John touches upon the different ways that Gibraltar can generate its electricity.

The construction of the LNG plant has been an environmental success which as drastically improved air quality in Gibraltar.

John speaks about the many changes in education which has created the educational revolution that Gibraltar is seeing today – the benefits of which our children are already enjoying.



John Cortes Elections 19 Pp Heritage Copy.009
John Cortes Elections 19 Pp Heritage Copy.019
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“The GSLP/Liberal Government’s record on Heritage is unprecedented, as is the collaborative work it does with the Gibraltar Heritage Trust” asserted John Cortes today at a press conference held at GSLP HQ to discuss Heritage.

The GSLP/Liberals have passed a law that had been over a decade in the making, and which the GSD had failed to deliver – The Heritage and Antiquities Act. This law provides mechanisms for heritage protection, establishes both the National Museum and the National Archives, and gives strict protection to buildings, monuments and other structures.

The Act also creates the Heritage and Antiquities Council (HAAC), with representation of all stakeholders and wide-ranging duties. Members include representatives from the Trust, the National Archives and the National Museum. The Heritage Trust now has a majority of elected trustees and Government appointed trustees are discussed with the Board. The HAAC already meets regularly and monitors and influences all heritage related matters, which are dealt with in an entirely transparent way. The Act protects 218 buildings and monuments including undersea structures for the first time as well. It also protects places of worship. This is 69 more that the former Act, which only listed 149. In addition the HAAC is considering 137 further sites.

The GSLP/Liberal Government has increased the funding of the Garrison Library. It has restored heritage sites such as the Almond Tower close to Moorish Castle, Southport Gate and an old World War II structure near Parson’s Lodge. And it has renewed the Northern Defences like no one has done before. The GSLP/Liberals, like no other Government before, have listened to and heeded concerns and advice from the Trust, such as with Grand Parade and the Mount.

The #greenGibraltar Manifesto will deliver more for heritage than any other as it will:

●  protect Rosia Bay;

●  ensure that the Mount is used by the community in a way that is consistent

with its heritage;

●  maximise the potential of the Tower of Homage and the Moorish castle


●  It will open the ‘Walk the Wall’ along the Line Wall;

●  It will restore abandoned World Wars II structures;

●  convert old military structures on the Upper Rock into interpretation points and a schools field centre;

●  create a Naval and Military Museum at the old Fortress Headquarters;

●  create an archive/museum of the Gibraltarian;

●  create new parks along Queensway to enhance the majesty of the walls;

●  continue to renew the upper Town.

These are all achievable aims which can be measured up against what the GSLP/Liberals have already delivered.

Dr John Cortes concluded the press conference saying: “For a secure and valued Heritage, the GSLP/Liberals are the only option.”

Fabian Picardo, the Leader of the GSLP Liberals said: “John Cortes has demonstrated unbeatable commitment to our heritage. The Leader of the Liberal Party is his key ally in Government and both would never allow any heritage issue to be ignored. They have led on strengthening our laws and we have already done so much to protect our heritage and to make it accessible to current and future generations. Now we can do even more and we can deliver the best manifesto for the protection of our heritage in our history. We have the clearest ideas and we are ready to delivery. We already delivered a world heritage site for our people and we will now protect the Northern Defences, and the Mount, as well as creating new museums. This is really exciting and to deliver this exciting agenda to enhance and protect our heritage we need the ten votes each elector has so that we form government next week. The GSD destroyed the Rosia Tanks and abandoned the World Heritage Bid. They had their chance and they blew it. They should never be allowed to be in charge of our precious heritage again!”



Financial Services 3



“Gibraltar is regarded as the world’s premier Online Gaming Jurisdiction. The sector accounts for some 25% of Gibraltar’s GDP and employs directly some 3,500 people, including some of the highest paid individuals on the Rock.” This was the core of the press conference on gaming today from Albert Isola, GSLP/Liberal candidate for the general election, during a press conference on gaming and DLT technology and the GSLP Liberals’ programme for Government in these areas. The press conference was held alongside the Leader of the GSLP Liberals, Fabian Picardo, at GSLP Campaign Headquarters in Irish Place.

Mr Isola added that the Gaming community contributes to the hotel industry, restaurants, bars, airlines, banks, telcos and data centres as well as professionals across the financial services industry.

“It is a critical part of our business community, accounting for over £100Million in Government revenue. The Gaming sector should form a part of any decent Brexit planning, and certainly should be a key part of any long term plan for our economy. It is a critical part of our economy,” said Mr Isola.

“So why,” he asked, “has the GSD completely ignored this crucially important sector for the second consecutive election in their manifesto? How can the GSD pretend to have a plan for a long term strategy and forget the 3,500 jobs or the £100Million of revenue? This is just utterly ridiculous.”

Mr Isola went on to say that, “this is the most shocking revelation of the GSD’s lack of planning in this election. In real terms, any plan for a post Brexit economy HAS to include this sector, yet the GSD have forgotten to even mention it AGAIN as they did in 2015. It’s a staggering act of gross neglect. The GSD manifesto has room to set out policies on Jet Skis and fishing trips but it neglects to mention the single largest sector of our economy – incredible. This shows that the GSD clearly cannot be trusted with our economy! They have once again demonstrated, on their own, that they are not a safe pair of hands!”

Mr Isola set out that, “the GSLP Liberals will continue to work with the Gaming Community to secure its future post Brexit and continue its interaction with the UK Government. As the only jurisdiction in the world with guaranteed access

into the UK, thanks to the GSLP Liberals post-Brexit work, we have now positioned ourselves very well to continue the development of this sector for the benefit of our community despite the challenges we have faced.”

Mr Isola also gave details of the seven point plan for gaming which the GSLP Liberals have set out in their manifesto. These include:

  1. Completing the overhaul of the gaming legislation in consultation with our Operators;
  2. FulfilmentoftheMemorandumofUnderstandingwiththeUKGambling Commission and continue to work closely together with the UK;
  3. EnhancingresourcesfortheGibraltarRegulatoranditsteam;
  4. DeliveringtheCentreofExcellenceforworldclassGamblingResearchat the University of Gibraltar;
  5. Creating / implementing bespoke courses at the University for ourGambling Operators;
  6. ContinuingtoworkwithOperators/theGBGAonalltheirissues;and
  7. Deliveronourcommitmentoftotalsupporttothesector.

GSLP Liberal Leader, Fabian Picardo, commented, “it is clear that for a second consecutive election the GSD has totally forgotten our incredible Gaming community in their manifesto. They know that their trusted partners are the GSLP Liberals who will always be there for them. We understand their businesses and appreciate their partnership with us.”

Additionally, in relation to Distributed Ledger Technolgy…


At a press conference today, GSLP Liberal candidate Albert Isola said that, “these past four years have seen the growth of a new Industry in Gibraltar. A new product line which has seen lawyers, accountants, banks and many others working together with Government fulfil the potential of our ambitious and innovative approach to this space.”

Mr Isola added: “Our DLT Legislative framework has been received with much international acclaim and has been recognised as the first such framework in the World. International businesses from all over have come to set up here and be regulated by our Financial Services Commission.

“The GSLP Liberals have worked with experts in the private sector and the regulator to deliver this practical and thorough approach to regulation of this fast moving sector. Its success has been in seeing firms from Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East coming to Gibraltar to set up their businesses and be regulated by our new framework.

:We will now work on implementation of the FATF recommendations and stay ahead of our competitors in ensuring we remain compliant. We will also work in good time with our colleagues internationally in developing an appropriate regime for tokens.

Mr Isola added: “We have worked incredibly hard to introduce this business to Gibraltar safely and effectively. I believe we have managed this balance well. It will be interesting to see what the GSD propose as they have dedicated just two lines to this important subject in their manifesto. Another example of their complete lack of understanding of these areas.”

GSLP Liberal leader, Fabian Picardo said: “If Gibraltar is to succeed post Brexit, it is of paramount importance that all of our lines of business like these are firing on all cylinders. We have demonstrated that we are ready and able to do this, and our record shows we don’t just do it, but do it very well. Conversely for the GSD to dedicate just two lines to this important area shows that they can’t even ‘talk the talk’ in this developing industry, let alone ‘walk

the walk’. Another deeply worrying demonstration that the GSD is not ready for the next four years, let alone the next thirty, as they pretend to pretend to be.”



On Page 112 of their general election manifesto, the GSD say that they would
seek further constitutional reform and that they will continue to represent
Gibraltar and seek formal decolonisation and de-listing from the UN.
The manifesto specifically says:

The future of Gibraltar can only be decided by its people. We support an enduring
and permanent link to the British Crown while ensuring that we have the
maximum self-government possible. For those reasons we will seek some
additional constitutional reform.

We would continue to attend the United Nations to represent Gibraltar and seek
our formal decolonization and de-listing from the UN list of non-self-governing
territories in accordance with the wishes of the people of Gibraltar.”
This represents a complete U-TURN from the policy that the GSD have
traditionally adopted since 2006. It will be recalled that the policy of the party
has always been that the 2006 constitution represents the maximum possible
level of self-government and that it decolonised Gibraltar. This was repeated
constantly as a mantra by Sir Peter Caruana when he was Chief Minister and
by Daniel Feetham in his capacity as the leader of the GSD.
This point has in fact been a constant source of disagreement between the
GSLP/Liberals and the GSD for over a decade. It is therefore quite welcome
but equally remarkable that the GSD have now chosen to dump the policy set
by Sir Peter Caruana a fortnight before a general election.
The leader of the GSLP Liberals, Fabian Picardo, said: “This is an incredible
U-TURN on the most fundamental of all issues, our foreign policy and our
approach to the defence of our nation’s interests at the United Nations in New
York. We have been consistent on this issue, as is to be expected. The GSD
have been wishy-washy for some time now on this fundamental and core

subject. One day they are saying no more constitutional advancement is
possible and the next they are saying there is more to do, as we have been
saying repeatedly. Additionally, they have been saying that it is wrong to
attend the Committee of 24 in New York in June, and now they are saying
they might consider it. Frankly, I am surprised that the GSD is no longer
consistent even on these key foreign policy issues. In particular after seeing
how the GSD have changed on this fundamental issue, no one can now trust
them on anything, let alone on the key Brexit issues we are facing.
“For our part, our position is clear, solid and unequivocal: we will continue
attending meetings of the C24 and the 4th Committee at the United Nations to
defend our inalienable right to political self-determination. The fact that Liberal
Leader Joseph Garcia is there now, whilst we are in the middle of a General
Election campaign, shows just how seriously we take our appearances before
the United Nations. We are the only safe and consistent pair of hands in
these challenging circumstances at the UN and in these equally challenging
Brexit times.”


9 October 2019

Paul Balban Party Political Broadcast

Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.001
Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.003
Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.005
Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.006
Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.008
Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.009
Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.012
Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.013



“Housing is probably the most important issue for the majority of people in
Gibraltar. For that reason, it is one of the fundamental cornerstone of our
policies in the GSLP / Liberal Alliance and our track record in delivering
housing at every level when in Government is unprecedented and unequalled.
In this term we will build more 50/50 homes and we will build 500 units for
rental.” This was the message from Samantha Sacramento GSLP/Liberal
candidate for the general election at today’s press conference on housing at
the GSLP campaign headquarters at Irish Place, alongside the leader of the
GSLP Liberals Fabian Picardo, and the GSLP / Liberal’s plans for the next
four years.

Samantha Sacramento added: “Our plan is carefully designed to ensure that we provide housing at every level, whether it is the construction of affordable
homes, purpose built flats for the elderly or increasing the provision and
availability of rental housing stock for those who cannot afford to buy –
including building more rental stock.”

“Providing affordable housing to a high standard is a top priority for us.
Because of the way that we allocate, this also has a beneficial consequence
on the housing waiting lists.

“We have already delivered on two estates of affordable housing at Beach
View Terraces and Mons Calpe Mews – this was almost 1000 affordable
homes. We have also already announced a further 3 new estates which will
provide more 1300 more homes; Hassan Centenary Terraces, which is
already being sold, and Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham Views, the deadline
for applications for these two closed last week and we will start calling
applicants to purchase as soon as all applications have been verified.

“We know that there is great demand for affordable housing and that is why if
we are re-elected into Government, we have another exciting project in our
manifesto at the Queen’s Housing development which will not just be a great
housing project but will be set by right next to our new park at Grand Parade.

“There is a great demand in our community for affordable housing and that is
why we continue to provide it. We of course will also continue to provide
housing for those who cannot afford to buy.

“Remember that the previous Government gave priority in allocation of
affordable housing to those who could pay more, so if for example, you could
purchase at 100% you would have priority in allocation over someone who

“We are a socialist Government and we will not give priority to those who can
pay more, AS THE GSD DID, we will be fairer than that.

“Our priority in allocation will first be given to applicants who currently live in a
Government rental property, and who will release this back to stock. We have
had considerable interest by tenants and many have already committed to
buy at Hassan Centenary Terraces and I know that more have applied for the
other estates. This means that by making this the top priority, instead of
offering affordable housing to those in our community with more money, we
get more rental housing coming back to our stock so that we have more
homes to offer those on the rental list.

“Our second priority in allocation for affordable housing, is for those who are
already on the housing waiting list. So, the more homes we build, and the
more homes that we can offer to those on the waiting list, the less number of
people who will remain on that waiting list. This means that those who cannot
afford to buy and remain on the housing waiting list, will have more rental flats
available to them and the lists will move faster.

“One of the best things that we can do is construct purpose built homes for
the elderly, not only is this fantastic because it gives our elderly citizens a
much greater quality of life and a community feel, but it also allows them to
live independently for longer, overall this makes everyone very happy.

“We have already built two blocks for the elderly at Charles Bruzon House
and Sea Master Lodge and everyone loves them. We will repeat the Sea
Master Lodge model by building these blocks within affordable housing
estates giving the option of residents to be closer to family members,
especially their grandchildren, and we have already announced 2 new blocks
for the elderly at BPM and CV.

“We have a further wonderful project for the elderly as part of the
development of the site of the Old Queen’s Cinema as well, a site that will
also have provision for our old time dancing clubs and an Art House Cinema.

“All in all, that gives us a total of almost 400 purpose built rental flats for the
elderly. That in itself is the same size as an estate. In this term, we will
also develop for general rental too.

“The important thing about building these rental homes for the elderly is that,
the majority of those who will live in them will give up Government rental
homes, so in the majority of cases, for every rental flat for the elderly that we
build, we get a flat back to the rental stock. This is the best way to provide for everyone all round when building for our rental stock and is also the best
value for money for the tax payer.

“Again, the arithmetic is clear, we are providing more rental housing stock for
those on the waiting list who are unable to afford to buy. These figures prove
that we do not just build affordable housing, our housing waiting lists move
faster than ever before, that means that we do more than anyone else for
those on the waiting list who cannot afford to buy.”

Samantha Sacramento concluded “We have been very ambitious in our
housing plans, and the construction of affordable housing has made all the
difference. I am confident that our plans will break the back of the housing
waiting list and solve the housing problem. If we don’t, then we have also
given a cast iron commitment in our manifesto to further build for rental
housing. We are unequivocal in this commitment, if the need is there, we will
do it.

Fabian Picardo the leader of the GSLP Liberals said “As a party we have an
unprecedented track record when in Government and our investment in
housing is an important part of how we are building his community. This is the
Government who puts our people first. To us everyone matters. Housing
matters to you so housing matters to us. That is why we will build 500 more
rental homes – not just for pensioners, also for general rental. And we will
build more affordable homes also. By the end of this term, we will have
completely tamed the housing waiting list. Success is round the corner if the
electorate stick with the GSLP Liberals.”


Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.001
Vijay Cruise
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“Gibraltar has always, for its size, sported a well-diversified economy, spanning activity in areas such as financial services and gaming, the port and bunkering operations and, of course, Tourism. The small business sector is the beating heart of our economy and it beats best when we are welcoming thousands of tourists to our shops, restaurants and other excellent amenities,” said Vijay Daryanani today at a press conference to discuss plans for small business in Gibraltar should they be returned to Government on October 17th alongside GSLP/Liberal Leader, Fabian Picardo.

Mr Dayanani added: “The successful promotion of Gibraltar and the success of small business are inextricably linked. For that reason, and as my colleague Gilbert Licudi discussed on Monday this week, we have invested an unprecedented amount of time, effort and financial resources into developing and widening our appeal as a tourist destination. Over 7 million paid Gibraltar a visit in the last year and we are committed to continuing to do what it takes to make sure that number grows.

“The key for Main Street in the tourism sense is cruise ship calls. We have been attracting a great volume of cruise ships to Gibraltar and whilst, for operational reasons beyond our control that number is slightly down this year compared to last year, we expect that to recover as soon as next year. We are committed to exploring anew the possibilities for partial or even full turnaround for cruise companies here, something that we believe will become a far more realistic prospect for us when we have completed the tunnel under the runway.

“We do not plan to rest on our laurels. We have a series of ideas and initiatives that we are committed to, starting with our support of the Business Improvement District initiative by the GFSB. We will be matching this on a pound for pound basis, underlining our determination that small businesses in Gibraltar can still strive for more.

“We will continue to work on developing links to Gibraltar, whether by sea, by air or across the border (in respect of which Brexit may play a role of course). We will also consider options for the creation of a tourist/commercial passenger landing berth on the east side, as and when the installation of infrastructure/development of the area.

Mr Daryanani concluded by saying that “small business in Gibraltar has been a core part of my life for over 40 years now. I enjoy strong relationships with traders up and down Main Street and I understand the issues. I am certain that with a GSLP Liberal government we can continue to attract ever greater footfall, with a focus on the tourism aspect of our business. With innovation, some outside the box thinking and the right kind of investment in infrastructure and marketing of the jurisdiction, I believe our best days are still ahead of us.”

GSLP Liberal Leader, Fabian Picardo, said: “I am so pleased that Vijay Daryanani has joined the GSLP Liberal team. He brings a wealth of expertise to our ability to understand and work with business. As a result, I am keen, if we are re-elected, to once again appoint a Minister for Small Business. I consider it makes sense to establish a joint ministerial committee bringing tourism and small business together, with a view to maximising synergy of effort and, importantly, to bring the expertise and initiative of the small business sector to bear on our efforts across the wider economy too. That is where Vijay will be able to contribute greatly to our work in the next four years as we reposition the Gibraltar economy and improve the offering we make in retail and leisure for residents and tourists alike across the board.”


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10 OCTOBER 2019



Steven Linares today held a press conference to discuss GSLP/Liberal plans for the sports and culture should they be elected to Government on October 17th.

Mr Linares said: “As you all know we have invested a lot of time and effort on Building World Class Facilities. Many are now completed and they will all be completed before the end of the year. In order to maximise the benefit local sports men and women can derive from these facilities, we plan to now engage all sports governing bodies and focus on the development of a sport by sport development plan to cover the next 4 to 6 years.

“The GSLP Liberals have supported sports in Gibraltar for the last 8 years and it is something I am very proud of. Today, we renew our pledge to local sports and restate our commitment to support the governing bodies in their pursuit of their development plans.

“We will continue investing in the facilities at the Bayside Complex. In respect of the MUGA, we will procure a semi-rigid covered structure to allow our sports men and women to be able to use this space all year round. We will install a sprung wooden floor and this area will become the home of Netball in Gibraltar. We will also replace the Astro-turf at the Hockey Pitch which has served us for many years but now needs replacing.

‘The GSLP Liberals have invested in the development of sports in all sectors of the community. There are many sports we play and we play them as ONE community. We all love sports, and the GSLP Liberals are committed to sports for all, which is why we have invested in the first of its kind and simply fantastic Special Olympics Complex.

“Three years ago, we provided purpose-built premises for the Stay and Play programme and it has proved so successful that we are now committed to building an extension to deal with the demand. We will do this by adding a further extension to the Stay and Play Area.

“Parasports in Gibraltar has never existed as such. As part of our ‘Sports for All’ commitment, we are keen to give parasports a kick start in Gibraltar. We will appoint a Community Development Officer for parasports within the GSLA. This will open the

doors to all those with physical disabilities in Gibraltar and it will also give us the opportunity to host more international sports competition in our accessible World Class Facilities.

“In culture, we have now settled plans to deliver the National Theatre within the complex of the John Mackintosh Hall. It has been a disappointment for me that, for a number of practical reasons, we have not been able to deliver on the National Theatre in the last eight years. We are now determined that this will be delivered in the next term of office so that we can finally have a National Theatre to be proud of. The solution we have come up with means that there will be little to additional running cost, given that there is already a full complement of staff at the John Mackintosh Hall. “This will be a win-win situation since we will have our long-awaited theatre and it will be run by the great professionals from GCS who are currently now running the Hall.”

“During our time in Government we have given a total of 51 Clubs and Associations premises as we promised in our manifesto of both 2011 and 2015. We will build a complex that will give us the opportunity to give even more premises to Clubs and Associations.

“As we promised in our previous manifesto we have built a Girl Guide’s Hut in the Upper Rock which is now complete. We will also be investing to totally refurbish the Governors Lookout. Our Scouts Movement do great work with our young people. This refurbishment will be ready on time to have the Gibraltar Euro Jamboree in 2021. It will also provide rooms for their bands.“

Steven Linares concluded the press conference: “We have a proven track record of delivering what we set out to do. On 17th October, in order to allow us to deliver on our exciting new plans, please vote for the 10 candidates of the GSLP/Liberals. Only by going out to vote for us, can you guarantee that our commitment to you.”

The Leader of the GSLP Liberals said: “I am so very proud of the work that Steven Linares has done on sporting facilities and on culture. It is remarkable and a testament to his ability to deliver. He deserves recognition for that work and for his ideas for the future which will be supported by all our sports men and women and by all those involved in the cultural life of our nation.”


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“All three parties contesting these elections are claiming to have the Environment at the top of their agenda. But the facts show that only the GSLP/Liberals have any record at all on the Environment,” said Professor John Cortes, GSLP Liberal candidate in the General Election, in a press conference this afternoon held at the GSLP’s Campaign Headquarters at Irish Place alongside GSLP Liberal Leader, Fabian Picardo.

Mr Cortes added: “It was the GSLP administration of the 1990s that created the Department of Environment and the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and introduced progressive environmental legislation. Nothing then happened for 16 years. Now, since 2011, the GSLP/Liberals have ensured that everyone is talking Environment.

This was one of the themes covered in today’s first of two press conference on Environment. Another will be held next week. The current caretaker Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change John Cortes detailed the progress made in the recent past and the plans for the future on issues of Environmental Governance, Climate Change, Air Quality, recycling and waste.

Mr Cortes added: “The GSLP/Liberal administration inherited a Gibraltar where Climate Change was not even spoken about outside the world of NGOs. There were no moves towards energy efficiency or renewables or the impact of plastic.

“Fast forward eight years. We have a Climate Change Act and ours was the second country in the world (and only by days) to declare a Climate Emergency.

“The Climate Change Act sets strict targets. It requires regular reports to Parliament. It sets up an independent Climate Change Committee.”

At the Press Conference John Cortes showed how carbon emissions from power generation are now falling, even before the impact of LNG replacing diesel. He also demonstrated how there already exist strategic analyses and plans with measures to continue to reduce the carbon footprint.

Mr Cortes went on to say: “Power from LNG in the MAN engines at the new north Mole Power station results in 44% less carbon dioxide than diesel. It also reduces particle emissions to almost zero, sulphur dioxide by 99% and nitrogen oxides by 90%. At the same time, Waterport power station is now mostly switched off, and the two South District power stations are no longer in use.

“These measures have reduced pollution from power generation drastically, and this was demonstrated graphically at the Press Conference. The GSD had had to ask the EU for a derogation from air quality standards in order to avoid heavy fines and so were allowed to exceed EU safety limits between 2010 and 2014. Their diesel power station would not have solved the problem and Gibraltar would have incurred millions of pounds in fines when the derogation ended in 2015. Thanks to the GSLP/Liberals’ energy and air quality strategy, for the first time ever, Gibraltar was below EU limits in 2018, even before LNG, and the trend continues.

“The GSLP/Liberals are now continuing the move in pushing ahead with solar power initiatives. Already the equivalent of 350 flats are powered by solar, and this is about to jump by more than five times that in the next twelve months.

“Moves to electric vehicles, including buses, and the encouragement of walking and cycling by providing cycles lanes, and the north-south Walk the Wall initiatives as well as the rolling out of the STTPP will now serve to reduce the next challenge to air quality: traffic. The greening of Gibraltar with 7 parks will contribute to this too.

“Shipping is also being tackled with legislation ready which will control black smoke from ships, a move to onshore power to avoid ship engines running whilst in Port, reassessing of no-anchoring areas on the SW, and adoption of International Maritime Organisation regulations on fuel for ships immediately they are introduced within months. Practices at Gibdock will not be allowed to impact negatively on the surroundings, with alternative plans for recreational use of the site included in the Manifesto if agreement cannot be reached with Gibdock.”

At the press conference, information was also presented at the press conference on recycling, with an update too on the sewage treatment plant.

John Cortes further commented, “Today I have presented firm evidence that we are making steady progress on reduction of carbon and on air quality. This does not mean that we can sit back. We have to continue, and will if elected continue. We are the only option with not just the track record and commitment, but with the scientific expertise to achieve this right in the heart of Government. And we will achieve it. We will create a Child Friendly Gibraltar, with the Environment and the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals at the centre of everything we do.”

The Leader of the GSLP Liberals, Fabian Picardo, said: “John Cortes has inspired us all in Cabinet. He has led on this issue in our national debate on the environment. He has led on the declaration of the Climate Emergency. John Cortes is Mr Environment. He is the best candidate in this election to be Minister for the Environment in a Cabinet of GSLP Liberals designed to deliver a #greenGibraltar.”

Part II of the Environment Press Conference will be held next week and will deal with other environmental issues including Biodiversity, nature protection, dogs and animal welfare, green areas and fishing.


11 October 2019

Joseph Garcia Party Political Broadcast


Camp Bay 2
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2011 did not just represent a change of Government, it also signified a fundamental shift in ideology.

After eight years of a GSLP Liberal Government, Gibraltar is a more inclusive society.

We have been the first party to have established a Minster for Equality dedicated to upholding equality principles and eliminating all forms of discrimination. We have been responsible for ground breaking ideas, policies and legislation.

Our progress has been such that many may well have forgotten that we have taken over from an administration that did not share these fundamental values.


There can be no doubt that in Government, we have done more to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities than any other before.

We have passed a landmark piece of legislation in the Disability Act. This law changes the dynamic and disability and inclusion really have a priority focus throughout the public sector in a way that is unprecedented.

The Disability Act was quickly followed by the passing of the Building Rules Part R document which makes all new building projects as accessible as they can be.

Having established the law to underpin rights, we have further invested in developing policies and promoting good practice through training and awareness.

For the first time ever in Gibraltar’s history, this year we organised a symposium on disabilities.

In addition to this, the training that we have delivered across the board has been numerous.

We are always striving to improve, the most recent milestone has been the introduction of a Disability Information Card which has been very well received.

We enjoy an excellent relationship with all key stakeholders who we avidly consult in everything that we do.

We have therefore changed the landscape, both literally and philosophically.

Women’s rights

Gender equality is a vital component of a mature and modern society.

Women’s rights is not just about the number of women representation, more importantly, it is about what is done to advance women’s rights and ensuring a level playing field and meritocracy.

On this basis, and to achieve this we have already done a lot of work in this field, it is the first time that a Government has given gender equality any real focus:

  • Issued the first Gender Pay Gap Survey in Gibraltar’s history to get detailed data on where the problem lies so that it can be addressed. Notwithstanding, the following action has already been taken;
  • Launched a very successful Mentorship Programme for women to advance professional development and with an aim to close the gender pay gap;
  • Commissioned and delivered training on unconscious bias in the workplace as gender stereotypes is often a barrier to progress and a contributor to the gender pay gap;
  • Have commenced a review of the current maternity leave leave provisions to introduce paternity / parental leave;
  • Providing awareness training on diversity and inclusion for everyone from the guides and the youth service to the private and public sectors;
  • Raising awareness of women’s issues, particularly on International Women’s day
  • Reaching out to girls at a young age through school and the Guides Promoting women in the field of STEM
  • Working with NGOs such as Girls in Tech to support and encourage women’s professional development inTech
  • Attendance at international conference to ensure continuous learning Attendance at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
  • Introduction of legislation to allow for breastfeeding in public places.
  • Established a road map of initiatives to maximise gender equality

Gay and transgender rights

There are no more obvious shortcomings of the previous administration than their track record on gay rights.

Instead of affording rights to our gay community they tried their utmost to quash them. The GSD spend almost a quarter of a million pounds to lose their challenge of the rights of a same sex to a joint Government housing tenancy.

We introduced the Civil Partnership Bill in 2014 and in 2016 amended the Marriage Act to allow for marriage for all. Because of this, individuals in our community of the same sex can now have their love and rights recognised in law.

Section 6B of the Marriage provided for an opt out clause for a Deputy Registrar exercising their freedom of conscience in performing the marriage of a same sex couple on religious grounds. The rationale for this was to safeguard a Deputy Registrar’s constitutional right to religious belief but such a provision would never have impacted the ability of a same sex couple to marry as an alternative registrar would have been appointed.

In the three years since the law came into effect, there has never been a single objection by a Deputy Registrar therefore this section was deemed unnecessary.

A Bill to amend the Marriage Act to remove section 6B was already been published by this party in Government on the 5th September.

In 2013, we have also introduced legislation to ban homophobic hate crime and hate speech.

We will not shy away from celebrating our diversity and we have committed in our manifesto to celebrate Gay Pride.

In 2015 in recognition of the rights of our transgender community we made provision to extend protection from discrimination to individuals who have undergone gender reassignment. We have also worked hard on education and awareness to promote understanding and sensitivity and further inclusion.


Many members of our community of Moroccan and Indian origin had their applications for nationality ignored before. That has also changed and we have enabled such longstanding members of Gibraltar to now acquire rights.

While others claim to be more progressive, we are the only ones who have delivered on these policies.

Equality is at the heart of this Government as it affects everyone. It is abundantly clear that our commitment to equality has naturally resulted in remarkable progress in achieving an inclusive society and is a recognition of a modern Gibraltar.


Samantha Sacramento Press Conference Housing 091019.001


At a press conference held today at GSLP Campaign Headquarters in Irish Town, Liberal Party of Gibraltar leader, Joseph Garcia, said: “The GSLP/Liberals remain committed to enhancing our democracy. We have already moved Gibraltar forward in this area considerably from the position that we inherited in 2011. We will continue to consider and introduce measures designed to improve the quality of the democracy that we enjoy.”

He added: “We have, from 2011 until 2019, introduced a series of reforms to enhance the democratic process in Gibraltar. This was particularly rapid in our first term of office. The process slowed down after 2015 due to the volume of work generated by Brexit.

“It is important to bear in mind that during most of our time we have faced the most aggressive Spanish Government since the days of General Franco,” added Dr Garcia before listing the changes as follows:

  • –  We introduced Cabinet Government and collective responsibility.
  • –  We established Direct Democracy.
  • –  There is more public information available on-line than ever before.
  • –  A Freedom of Information Act is now in place.
  • –  Twenty year rule for release of documents.
  • –  Public Interest Disclosure Act now in place.
  • –  We increased the frequency of meetings of Parliament, from 12 a term to 33 a term, until this was slowed down by Brexit.

– We established a Commission on Democratic and Political Reform. The recommendations of the Commission were sent for further discussion to a Select Committee on Parliamentary Reform.

A number of its recommendations have already been adopted.

  • –  More meetings of the Gibraltar Parliament.
  • –  Meetings of Parliament are now streamed live and televised.
  • –  More Motions are now tabled for debate in Parliament.
  • –  More important statements and policy announcements are now made in Parliament rather than in the media.
  • –  A new pension scheme has been introduced for new Members.
  • –  A new rolling Register of Electors is now in place.
  • –  The introduction of vote by proxy for this general election (as happens in European elections) is also an important step forward.
  • –  An Act has already been passed regulating the holding and conduct of referenda in Gibraltar.
  • –  The Clerk has investigated the use of technology for elections in Gibraltar.In addition to this, since 2011, Dr Garcia reminded the community of the steps taken already to improve the way in which Parliament works, including:
  • –  Defined Chief Minister’s question-time.
  • –  Parliament website.
  • –  Quicker production of Hansard.
  • –  On-line verification on Register of Electors.
  • –  Parliament chamber has been refurbished and modernised.

We have also transformed the planning process in Gibraltar.

  • –  Government projects now go to DPC for approval.
  • –  The entire planning process is public and available on-line.
  • –  The agenda and minutes are published on-line.

We plan to discuss the following in the Select Committee on Parliamentary Reform:

  • –  Continue with the recommendations of the Commission on Democratic and Political Reform.
  • –  Expansion of Parliament.
  • –  Code of Conduct for MPs.
  • –  Code of Conduct for Ministers.
  • –  Funding of political parties.We will also:
  • –  Provide lift access into the Parliament Chamber.
  • –  Establish a Select Committee on Exiting the European Unionand the Future Relationship.
  • –  Establish a Select Committee on the Constitution.
  • –  Review the workings of the Development and PlanningCommission and consider any improvements which may berequired to the existing process.
  • –  Appoint a Minister with specific responsibility to oversee thedelivery of our election manifesto.
  • –  Review the fundamental rights section of the Constitution ofGibraltar in the light of developing law and practice.

The Leader of the Liberal Party Dr Joseph Garcia said:
“Gibraltar has progressed considerably and in the right direction since 2011. However, there is still more to be done. We would have moved further still had it not been for the inordinate amount of time that we had to devote to the work related to our potential departure from the European Union. We look forward to a renewed mandate from the electorate in order to progress matters further.”



12 October 2019


Watch a short recap of another successful public rally, this time at la Piazza!

As the date of the election draws closer, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the magnificent support they have shown us on our street campaign and especially throughout the hustings. We will continue to spread our tried and tested message over the next week!

13 October 2019

Albert Isola Party Political Broadcast



As the timer draws nearer to election date, the GSLP/Liberal candidates began their hustings in various housing estates in true GSLP fashion.

14 October 2019

Fabian Picardo Party Political Broadcast

Press Conference: Gilbert Licudi on the University, Port and the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service.


At a press conference today, Gilbert Licudi, accompanied by Joseph Garcia, talked about developments at the University of Gibraltar, the Port and the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service.

The University has been developing steadily since it opened our years ago. It has attained international recognition through the publication of academic papers by research students and through collaborations agreed with other universities.

This year, the University expects to double the number of students compared to last year. Also, it will be able to welcome a greater number of international students with the addition of the student accommodation which has 144 student rooms and is already being used.

The Government has made available to the University the rest of the old St Christopher’s school. This allows the expansion of the University’s Europa Point campus. It also allows the University to accommodate the Gibraltar Maritime Academy which will, as from next year, offer maritime science degrees to those seeking careers at sea as deck or engineer officers. It will also provide professional development courses to those already working in a maritime environment.

The Gibraltar Port Authority has moved to new, purpose built, offices with an excellent vantage point over the Bay, the Straits and the Eastside of the Rock. The offices have the latest equipment to allow the GPA through its VTS officers to monitor and manage vessels entering and exiting BGTW so as to ensure safety of navigation. If re-elected, the next term of office will see the addition of a new launch for the GPA as well as the reconditioning of the exiting launch.

The Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service has already seen the renovation of its fleet of appliances. This will continue with the purchase of a turntable ladder which will allow the GFRS to tackle fires and rescues in higher buildings. This will further enhance the operational capabilities of the GFRS.

Training is vital for all officers of our fire and rescue services. A GSLP Liberal Government will invest in a new fire training facility. This will be available for fire and heat training by the GFRS, the Airport Fire and Rescue Service and the Gibraltar Maritime Academy. This will be a modern, technologically advanced facility and will have environmental protection features with emission expected to be close to zero.

Regrettably, we have not been able to deliver on our commitment for a new fire station. This has been delayed as a result of continued discussions with the proposed developer of the Rooke site where the new station will be sited. We remain committed to a new fire station. If re-elected into Government, this will be built at the Rooke site during the next term of office.


Press Conference: Sir Joe Bossano on Gibraltar’s Only Post Brexit National Economic Plan


Sir Joe Bossano went through the details of the GSLP/Liberal post-Brexit national economic plan this afternoon. He did so in a press conference with the GSLP Leader Fabian Picardo and Liberal Leader Dr Joseph Garcia.

Sir Joe explained that the GSLP/Liberals were the only team who had analysed the consequences of Brexit and developed an economic plan to counter its effects. He recalled his incredibly accurate economic predictions in the past as to where Gibraltar would move economically after each electoral cycle.

The European Union and the United Kingdom would enter into recession while Gibraltar would continue to grow. He predicted a growth rate of 15% over the four year cycle which would take the size of the economy from some £2.6 billion to £3 billion at the end of the term.

The plan is designed to make the economy of Gibraltar Brexit-proof, Sir Joe explained.

He compared the job that needs to be done now to the one that he carried out as from 1988, when the economy of Gibraltar needed to be repositioned from a sheltered MOD-orientated economy to one that was to compete commercially with the wider world outside.

Sir Joe added that land reclamation with the construction of industrial units would form part of the new economic strategy. He said that the Government was already in discussion with interested parties who were willing to take this forward.

The GSLP Leader Fabian Picardo said that the GSLP/Liberals were the only team with a plan for Brexit and that people should vote for the tried and tested option. Now was not the time to take risks.


15 October 2019

Press Conference: Professor John Cortes on Education

GSLP/Liberal Alliance candidate John Cortes highlighted the main components of the ‘Education Revolution’ at a press conference this morning at GSLP campaign headquarters.
John Cortes started by stressing his gratitude to teachers and all those who work in Education for all they had done over the past year and a half in taking all the changes forward despite the high demands on their time and the complexity of the challenges.
The GSLP/Liberal Government built six schools in eight years, replacing schools that were many decades old.  The Alliance, if elected is committed to six more schools, St Martin’s, Governor’s Meadow and Bishop Fitzgerald where work is already under way, St Mary’s and the Hebrew School, and the new Gibraltar College.  New designs for the College were revealed today.
Co-Education and key stage alignment have been key in the changes in Education.  In addition the new facilities and co-education will ensure equal opportunities for all children and an expanded curriculum.  This will include vocational options at ‘options’ time to cater for a wider range of subjects in school.  There will be greater emphasis on the digital technologies, including coding and computer science, reflecting the demands of industry, and on STEM subjects.  Arabic and Mandarin will be introduced as subject options.
Dyslexia support and assessment will be provided for all children.  There will be additional support for children with autism and special needs in general, including children with high performance capabilities, and there will be a teacher for the deaf.
If elected, the GSLP/Liberals will complete the review of the Education Act and of how Education is organised.
For students in higher education, Student grants will be increased annually, there will be a Scholarships ‘rainy day fund’ to guarantee grants in the future, and a rental guarantor support scheme.  Free eye tests will be provided until the end of a student’s university career.
There will be continued emphasis on school mental health, supporting teachers in their work by continuing training.  The Alliance introduced four School Counsellors for the first time and will increase these by two as well as adding two Educational Psychologists to the team.
The GSLP/Liberals have the experience and are ready too take education even further for the benefit of future generations.

Press Conference: Professor John Cortes on Environment (2)

PRESS RELEASE:  Environment 2
New purpose-built Dog Park on Queensway
GSLP/Liberal Candidate John Cortes today held a press conference on Environment (Part 2).
He began by announcing that one of the new parks on Queensway will be a dog friendly park and include a specific dog park.  Dogs will be allowed over the whole of this park, with an area within it set aside with specific facilities for them.
This will be in addition to the new dog park at the Nuffield Pool/Little Bay area, an upgrade to the Alameda dog walking area and other smaller dog areas around Gibraltar.  He also committed, if elected, to review the dog urine law in relation to the amount of liquid to be used in advance of it coming into force on 1 January 2020.
He also reviewed the Animals Act which h the Alliance Government introduced last year, greatly widening provision against animal cruelty and increasing penalties for offenders.
John Cortes then ran through the new parks, along Queensway and in the Glacis area.  Joseph Garcia, who introduced the Press Conference, announced that one of the features in the adventure area in The Mount will be a skate park.
John Cortes then gave a summary of the work done on nature protection, which included increasing the size of the Gibraltar nature restive by 39% to now cover 37% of Gibraltar.  He also highlighted work on the paths on the upper Rock, creating of picnic area, habitat creation and the reintroduction of Barbary partridge and European rabbit.
On the sea he highlighted the creation of the Environmental Protection and Research Unit, reef creation and work to protect the marine environment.
This work will continue, with plans for further paths on the Upper Rock, and renewal of many of the old fortifications and including an educational area for schools.
He highlighted the commitment of the GSLP/Liberals to a GreenGibraltar, emphasising that only the Alliance has the track record, experience and commitment to deliver a sustainable, nature-friendly #GreenGibraltar.

16 October 2019

That’s a wrap – End of Hustings

The GSLP/Liberal Candidates finalise their Hustings campaign.

17 October 2019


Thank you Gibraltar. We will work harder than ever over the next 4 years for EVERY Gibraltarian. We won’t let you down.

Ladies and Gentlemen

First – thank the Returning Officer and his staff.

Thank you to all the Civil Servants and Publc Servants of Gibraltar who have been involved in the events of today and in the Count.

Thank you also to the Royal Gibraltar Police for ensuing the safe and secure passing of this day of democracy.

We have held, as usual, an election which would be an example to any other jurisdiction in the world.

We have had the usual reports of people not registered.

We have had unusual reports this year also of people who are registered but who have been told they had already voted.

These are only literally a handful of cases. These problems are statistically irrelevant.

But at a human and at a democratic level, they are hugely important.

I have no doubt that the Returning Officer will consider what has happened in these very few cases.

And I have no doubt that our Parliament will ensure these instances will not happen again.

Today I have to reflect on the magnificent work of everyone in the political party that I represent.

The GSLP’s activists are often referred to as a well oiled machine.

The best political machine in Gibraltar’s history. And it is good.
But it is not a machine.
It’s a heart.

A beating heart.
The beating heart.
That keeps our party not just alive but thriving and growing.

And it needs to be nurtured and looked after throughout the lifetime of a Parliament, not just from election to election.

During this election campaign alone, we have attracted almost 500 new members.

And that when we are consolidating our existing membership.

That is to say, after two successive terms in government, we have been able to see our membership grow by just shy of 10%.

That is undoubtedly a reflection of the remarkable work being done in the party by the many activists.

It is also a reflection of the excellent work that we have done as a party with our Liberal colleagues in government.

And a reflection of the enduring appeal of our vision for the best Gibraltar we can be.

In fact, this election represents our first ever THIRD SUCCESSIVE GENERAL ELECTION WIN.

Of the last nine general elections, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of government five times.

The result of the tie break clearly reflects the reality that – my dear friends – TODAY we have smashed through the glass ceiling of two successive General election wins.


I must also thank specifically our energetic social media team

Also my core team of Sam Marrache, Jesse and Selwyn.

Selwyn, erstwhile no more.

The GSLP Youth and GSLP Students Section, the Women’s Section who give up so much to keep us active and working.

And the whole Execuitive of my party as well as the executive of the Liberal Party.

Stephen Perera who has worked with me to deliver manifestos that are not just politically ambitious.

They are also visually attractive. Stephen, you are the best my friend.

Dennis Cardonna, who has been with me on this journey, from 2010 and through the transition in 2011.

Thank you my dear, dear friend.
Three out of three ain’t bad Dennis
And particular thanks to my wife Justine.

It is impossible for me to reflect how much I love her, how much I rely on her and how much I admire her.

Thank you for being the core around which my life rotates.

I am not able to do this job without her.

And thank you also to our children, who don’t yet fully understand this political nonsense, for putting up with so many moments missed through daddy’s work and Brexit and other stuff.

My fellow Gibraltarians,

This result is a demonstration that we are not in an ivory tower of government.

That we have reached out to every sector of our society to build a stronger community together.

That we are umbilically connected to our people.

This election also marks the first time that an 80 year old is elected to Parliament in Gibraltar.

And what an 80 year old.

The respect that this Community has for Sir Joe Bossano is as palpable in the Cabinet room, as it is in Parliament and as it is out on the hustings.

He has also become the first Knight of the Realm elected to Parliament since Joshua Hassan.

At an age when most are looking to do less, Sir Joe Bossano is doing more than most do in their twenties.

What an honour it is to count with his acumen, his ability and his work ethic in the Government.

Gibraltar is lucky to have Sir Joe Bossano. History will reflect just how lucky we are.

That history will be most authoritative if it is written by my political soul mate, Joseph Garcia.

What a dynamic duo we make.

Gibraltar has rightly realized what depth Joseph Garcia brings to Government.

And to all my colleagues, thank you for your work these past four years.

John, Gilbert, Neil, Samantha, Albert, Paul, Steven.

Farewell Neil. We will work together no doubt.

Welcome Vijay. Get ready to work harder than ever before as tomorrow.

Tonight you become the first Gibraltarian of Indian extraction elected as a Member of Parliament.

Later today, the first such Minister.

And to all those who we have met in the estates around Gibraltar in the past weeks, I say, remember that we do not just come round to ask for your vote.

We will also be back this weekend to say thank you; as ever.

We have respected the electorate as we must by campaigning hard in the past weeks.

We have fought for every vote.

We have taken nothing for granted.

We have taken no-one for granted.

And we have governed our nation whilst we have campaigned for our party.

We have worked harder than ever and harder than anyone. But we will never succumb to triumphalism.

To those not with us yesterday, I say this tonight:

Today we are elected as the Government of all Gibraltarians.

We will be there to work with everyone, to reach across to all, to grow our nation on all fronts and for all our people, whoever you may have identified with politically.

We have already shown that we are not closed to anyone.

We will never be.

And in that respect, I want to thank my fellow party leaders for the cleanest campaign fought in elections in recent memory.

It was right that we should have fought a contest of ideas and not a contest of personal attacks against each other.

Those who went outside the bounds of the pure debate on ideas have stood out negatively.

They have done themselves more harm than they have those of us who they sought to tarnish.

We in the GSLP Liberals have best showed our passion, our courage and our determination in our argument.

But there will never be an absence of humanity, affection or friendship in our attitude.

And in this morning we will show our genuine and human GENEROSITY in political victory.

And we will lace that generosity with great humility in this political success.

We will also look to our opponents to meet our generosity with their own generosity and maturity, not spite in defeat, as we have seen in the past.

For there must also be humility in defeat if there is to be progress and cooperation in the life time of the parliament to come.

And so tonight, I hold out my hand in friendship and in parliamentary partnership to all those who have been elected this morning.

And as we now take forward the mandate of the people as a government, we will also continue our work as a party and continue to resolve the problems of those we have met on the campaign trail.

Because we have led on and delivered more transparency than ever before, and we will deliver even more.

We have led on and delivered more equality than ever before, and we will deliver even more.

We have led on and delivered more commitment to the environment, and we will deliver even more.

And in so many policy areas in which we have already delivered, we will deliver even more.

But, undoubtedly, our main role in these coming four years will be to sail this nation of ours safely through the uncharted waters of our departure from the European Union.

We will sail our people securely through every potential variation of that process, even its potential cancellation.

We will do so by delivering our post-Brexit National Economic Plan.

We have already turbo charged our economy by securing financial services access to the United Kingdom.

In this weeks Queens speech we have secured confirmation of Gibraltar as unique in this respect.

We have already turbo charged our economy with the Double Taxation Agreement with the United Kingdom which has also been confirmed yesterday by London.

These are important developments.
Important opportunities to do business in and from Gibraltar.

We have set the foundations to ensure Gibraltar will reach a safe harbour with an enduring partnership with the UK.

A partnership well beyond colonialism.

A relationship recognised internationally as beyond colonialism.

And these will be my last four years as your Chief Minister. My FINAL FOUR.

I have arrived last at the Macintosh hall on election night for the last time

That last time I will stand before you in this place at this time in this role.

I know that in life, one must never say never. In politics, every thing is fluid.

I recognize that things might change and I might have to eat my words.

But my party knows that is my intention.

For now, we must concentrate on next Saturday in London, on the next one hundred days in Europe and on the coming challenges and not the next eight years.

And in that respect, I want to be clear with you all, as I have been on the campaign trail.

By the end of these next four years: Nothing will be the same

We are facing our greatest challenge.

The age of entitlement is over.

This morning we see the dawning of a new age of responsibility

An age also of sustainability

Because We always trust You, the people to get the right decision in an election.

You have placed your trust in us once more.
A huge vote of confidence in our work for Gibraltar to date.

A vindication that we have been right to have defended Gibraltar’s interests the way we have to date.

And we will not let you down going forward.

My dear fellow Gibraltarians, there were three parties in this General Election, each of them with difference slogans.

Lets us move forward now together as one Gibraltar;

Taking the best of the ideas in this campaign forward for the benefit of all Gibraltar.

Because we all believe in a better Gibraltar
And, in fact, Gibraltar has voted for the future you deserve A green Gibraltar
A child friendly city…
Let us together aspire to the best Gibraltar.
And we start work to deliver that best Gibraltar today.
We govern for everyone once more

Thank you for your RINGING ENDORSEMENT. Thank you for your VOTE OF CONFIDENCE. Thank you for your SUPPORT.

Consolidating The Legacy

3 OUT OF 3!